Espanol y ingles The Deist and Realist are the Atheists……The Missionary, Hmong, Norman and Selma Oetker Protestant Christian Missionaries, L.A.M. Christian Outreach, St. Charles Missouri US.,

They Left All To Follow Him
God’s Word came to you, but you, and yours, decided to withhold thinking of yourselves. Then to lie, as Ananias, with Sapphira did in Acts 5:1. They, as well as you and yours, will end in hell, for your continuing to live a lie, in that you held back part from God. After you said that you gave him all of your life. Repent!

The Missionary

Deist is a religious person who says they believe in God, but that God does not interact in anyway with man on the earth.

A Realist is a person who says they believe things happened, because of the things that people did.

Deist and Realist have one thing in common.

They are both Atheist.

Deísta es una persona religiosa que dice que cree en

Dios, pero no creo que Dios interactúa con el hombre de todos modos, en la tierra.

Un realista es una persona que dice las cosas que ellos creen que sucedió, porque de las cosas que la gente lo


Deísta y realista tienen una cosa en común.

Ambos son ateos.

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