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Selma’s Pulpit

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I’m so happy you’ve decided to visit me. God has given me this opportunity to share the Blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. My desire and prayer is that you will be informed and encouraged to seek Jesus, if you are not spiritually born again.

Missionary Selma

UPDATED September. July 2015

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Autumn of My Life  

The Unknown God
Comments on Fundamentals

 Halloween, The Devil’s Day

Peaceful Coexistence

Are You Satisfied?

Fact or Fiction, the Bible?

Life or Death

Selma’s Thoughts on Abortion 
Are You Seeking Love?

Wedding Pictures Norman and Selma

Bouquets Given to Selma by Norman

The Creator


Blood Sacrificing to God

Who is Your Father ?

Are Ghost Real?

Morality in America


How Much Are You Worth?

May the Force Be With You! 

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