Three Armed People


Three-Armed Peoples of the High Mountains

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May I have you stop and listen to a story?

May you pause and listen to a tale of long ago, for it is a story not known to all men.

Only the high dwellers have heard, and yet, there are only a few that actually have seen the Three-Armed People.

May I have your attention?

And now are you interested in my saying? Have I stirred within you a wish to know?

Will you read?

Will you let someone tell you these things?

Can the markings of this pen to paper cause you to relax and enjoy a tale that few Lowlanders know?

Yes, the tale is for those who have a want to know the truth, to understand the mysteries that surrounds this noble race of people who few have seen.

It is hard to understand them, and it is better to experience the tribesmen of the high mountains.

Then may I take you to this experience, for a short and pleasurable time.

Can we leave the plains and begin the slow climb,

breathing the chill of the mountain air.

Slowly to begin feeling the burning pains of aching leg muscles, as the climb continues its upward ascent with ears popping as one rises rise above the valley floor,

entering the undefined regions of the Three-Armed People Nation.

Oh, yes, let me continue with my story.

Go now, tell your sister, brother, aunt and uncle; go get them all.

For this is the day that we shall let the Lowlanders hear a story that few have heard.

This is the day that they might decide between fact or fiction about the Three-Armed People.

Shouting and Yelling!

The people of the lowland city were shouting and yelling around the local court office.

The police are called because the crowds are getting larger.

Some  saying “what is it?”, “What are they doing inside?” “Will it hurt us?”

Such were the cries from the people  on this day.

The Young Man’s Name is No.

It started high in the mountain home of the Three-Armed People.

A boy named No wanted to have an adventure in his life, so with only a little food, he began his walk down from the high mountain.

The walk for No was very easy, for all Three-Armed People had twice the strength and knowledge of all two-armed people.

No decided that he would walk four days down the mountain and then return.

As No walked through a low valley pass, he saw his first two-armed person.

At first No watched from a distance, then he decided he would talk to these people.

When he approached, they were equally shocked to see his third arm.

They said hello to each other, and before long they were asking each other many questions.

No observed their intelligence, through his conversations with the two-armed people.

No decided the two armed people were very limited.

No could not understand why the two-armed people were concerned about so many things, because No knew that they could not change the many things they talked about.

Weakness’ of the Two-Armed People.

They all walked to a stream for a drink.

No walked at his normal speed, and soon the two-armed people were yelling for No to slow down.

No again was amazed at how weak the two-armed people were.

As they continued their conversations, No, soon again,

found out how inferior the two-armed people were.

They could not live in the mountains, they could not gather food or make cloth for clothing.

It was easy for No to see that all two-armed people were inferior; yet, for No, there was an attraction to these people.

No was fascinated with all the different things that the two-armed people had knowledge about, yet, when No would question these people they would admit they did not know the answers.

It seemed they were unsure about many issues; the questions of war, of your enemies,and what you should do to them.

No was shocked  at how aggressive the two-armed people are.

Police and the Court.

The people were trying to see inside the court building.

“The Three-Armed Man is there”, was all you could hear everyone saying.

No had made  the mistake of coming to the city with the people.

The people had put a coat around No so that his third arm was hid, but during all  of the excitement the coat had fallen off.

The leaders of the city, the army, and doctors all wanted to see and talk to this very different person with three arms.

As they asked No questions, he in turn would ask them many things.

No found out, that these less intelligent two-armed people, had many riches and traveled far and wide.

No was truly fascinated when he saw so many different

kinds of people living together with all colors of skin, sizes, and shapes, all wore different colors of cloth.

No asked many questions about their rulers.

To No, with his far superior intelligence, it seemed that the laws of the two-armed people with  its government were quite complex.

Of course, for  No, all two-armed people are inferior,

so No expected their cities, laws, armies, and medicines all to be inferior also, but No could not explain how all these people could live together under such inferior laws and conditions.

Many times No had seen these people laughing and having such a good time.

Return to the High Mountain
Finally on the fourth day, No had to begin his return back to High Mountain.

During the night No left the city.

Soon he began his upward climb to his high home.

It was then that he noticed he was tired.

He did not feel strong at all,  and he could not understand.

Then to his amazement he noticed his third arm was shorter.

No became frightened for the first time in his life.

As the first night came on the mountain the rain began.

His third arm was half as long; he was weak, tired, and hungry.

The first night on the mountain was lonely for No.

The rain continued all the night ; there was no light, no moon or stars.

All because of the rain, there was only absolute blackness; as No sat on the jungle mountainside next to a bamboo clump for some sort of protection, He felt unsure.

Had  he done the right thing by going down the mountain?

No’s thoughts now wondered about his actions.

The second day, as No continued his climb his arm was still short.

For the first time in his life No felt insecure, weak, and not in control of his circumstances.

No continued his upward climb. No rested the third day.

No could feel his strength coming back, and his arm was beginning to get longer again.

Finally on the fourth day of his climb No’s strength had returned.

Elders and the Village

The elders of the Three-Armed People met No on his return.

They were  concerned for him, for he had been gone for many days.

When No told the elders about the two-armed people and

all that he had seen, the elders were quiet.

Then No told of his arm getting shorter and not feeling as strong when he was in the two-armed people city.

Again the elders were quiet.

Soon, No, again was enjoying his life in the high mountain village of the Three-Armed People.

No, on many occasions, found himself thinking about the two-armed people.

He thought about the many material things they had,

of all the different schools for learning ,

and their many travels to other places.

No began to tell the other people of the village of the two-armed people’s cities.

The village people became excited upon hearing the stories, but the village elders were not happy.

They took No to the high Plains and talked with him.

They told him to stop telling stories of the two-armed people.

No asked the villagers elders why.

The oldest and wisest elder began a story of what will happen if a Three-Armed Person were to leave the mountain and go to live in the two-armed world.

The story was very short and simple.

The mountain  spirit would not help the Three-Armed People if they left the mountain.  All the spirits of the jungle, and of the sky, would not help the Three-Armed Person if  they left the mountain village.

The oldest and wisest men then told No the greatest of all the things that would happen if a Three-Armed Person were to leave the high mountain.

They would lose their third arm , the source of their great strength and prosperity.

If they lived with the lowlanders, they would become like them with two arms and limited knowledge.

Once they leave the high mountain they would become like the two-armed people, they would be unable to return.

When the village elder finished, No  sat thinking quietly.

Where was Real Freedom?

No returned to the village and thought about these things.

For many days his thoughts remained on these things.

No understood that he had seen part of the rest of the world.

There were other spirits that were greater than his mountain spirits.

There were so many things that he had not seen and places that he had not traveled to.

For the first time No understood that if he wanted

to be part of the inferior two-armed world , he would have to change.

He would have to do things like the two-armed people.

His understanding would be limited.

He would have to understand the meaning of a word

that he thought he understood already, and that word was freedom.

Was freedom only in the high mountain?

Did any other people understand freedom?

No had seen only a few people and places.

What was freedom?

Was freedom only going anywhere in the high mountains?

Was it only to talk to the spirits of waters and  the mountains?

Or just the wind and the rain?

Yes, that was freedom.

No thought of the fine traditions of his people

Of how the tree-armed people could make the finest embroidered cloth.

Of constructing strong and dry houses; making equipment, buildings, and cultivating.

The finest tradition of his people was freedom.

To eat well, and to care for his third arm, was freedom.

For it is with the third arm, that he  was able to increase his wealth and possessions.

A strong third arm was prosperity for his entire family.

He taught his children at an early age to care for their third arm and to carefully protect it from harm,

for if you are careful with it , it will bring prosperity  to you.

Even if a three-armed person had an accident many  others will help them.

They realize that his third arm will be well next year,

and he will be able to repay  all.

Yes, thought No, this is freedom. To be free in one’s culture was good.

To Real Freedom

No’s limitation was his mountain. How could this be?

Was he really free? Did his culture begin the  way of the two-armed people?

Did someone or something cause his people to live in the high mountains?

Where was real freedom? No asked these questions, and many other things.

No, once again, decided to live with his people and village.

His thoughts about real happiness was being with his family.

As the harvest season ended, there was a time of joy.

But late one night, as No looked down to the plains below.

He knew that his life was there with the two armed people of the plains, the lowlanders.

He knew that his future was not certain, but there was great excitement in his heart.

The following day No said goodby to his  family

and entered again the world of the lowlanders, the land of the two-armed people.

No soon lost his third arm and  then looked like the two-armed people.  Everyone first thought that No was different, then slowly problems began.

The  culture and the language were very difficult.

The two-armed people used many words to say a simple thing.

Many questions came up because everyone had different opinions.

For a time No thought that everyone was a bit crazy.

But soon, No too, was asking many questions.

No began to realize that even he did not have the answers.

Later in No’s life after  travelling, and reading books about everything, No realized  the meaning of the word freedom.

He found that being able to search out knowledge.

To search out truth, was what the word freedom meant.

The Final Truth

For many years, No had understanding about the meaning of the word freedom.

Late one night as No gazed out across the horizon of the lowlander’s, there was a strange urge to find out  more truth. In the meaning of the word freedom.

As No pondered and thought on these things,

He was left with a mental picture, of a small hillside he had read about named Golgotha.

A wooden cross, and a man named Jesus.

From deep within No’s spirit he knew his search

for the truth of the word freedom had just begun.

To be continued

“No and the Shaman Priest.”

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