Sin, and it’s Enjoyment!


Why do people Sin?

The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament
is quite clear on this subject.

People enjoy SIN!

cropped-sam_0046.jpgSin, is clearly defined within the

Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Is Sin realized by a person who has never read the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament? Or, have never read the commands and, or, teachings given by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists?

Yes, a person realizes their actions are incorrect to society; however, upon reading the New Testament, their actions or intentions are readily revealed as being contrary to Christ’s expressed teachings.

Do people realize that they are sinning? The simple answer is YES.

Why is it, that people who know that SIN is clearly defined within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, yet, want and desire to continue in it?
Again, the answer is that those who commit and continue to sin, enjoy it!

Are Christians immune from committing sin?

The answer is NO.
Do Christians sin? The answer is YES.
Do Christians sin in thoughts? The answer is YES.
Do Christians sin in deeds? Also, the answer is YES.



Do we have an advocate, if a Christian occasionally sins?

Yes, the Christ Jesus receives a repentant person, a follower of Jesus.  A spiritually born-again follower of Jesus is one who has been spiritually re-born by the Father’s Grace, who’s received this Divine Spiritual Grace (Grace is the Father’s: Power, Strength, Favor, and Love extended universally to all humans) from the Father of our blessed Holy Trinity.

The expression Trinity was initiated and used by the first and second century Christians in understanding the writings of Christ, when He is speaking to the Father in Heaven, and of the Holy Spirit coming to the earth after His resurrection;

Understanding Jesus’ command to baptize in the name of
the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Trinity is understood, that, within this spiritual substance that we call God, is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, all equal and inseparable.

The Father’s Grace flows through, and is delivered by the third person of the blessed Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

Only by Divine help can an earthly human begin to understand God’s great Salvation Message for all of humanity.
A human cannot comprehend God, who is in-comprehensible.
To understand God, is to understand the only true and divine history as written within God the Father’s divine stories as found in the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments; the only true and correct understanding, of the first and only true religion from God.

All other religions are FALSE.
All Religious man-created Traditions are False.
All Protestant Denominations, that are Theologically based on a religious philosophy, that was conceived and created, and then interpreted as being the true interpretations of the Holy Scripture are FALSE.

(Note: a person raised in a church and who obeys all the traditions, is not a Christian! They can be baptized, confirmed, go to an altar and make a public confession, as to being a Christian, and wanting to be a follower of Jesus).

However, without the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Spirit bringing to that individual 1.) Spiritual awareness of their need, to recognize their separation from God by sin. 2.) to understand repentance; Repentance isn’t just stopping sinful acts only, it’s the strong and UN-relenting desire, to follow, to practice daily, the commands and teachings spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

This single thought on repentance, isn’t taught or stressed, in the Protestant Christian Churches of today, 2014.

It’s the supposed church leaderships who are afraid to trust in the completed work of Christ on Calvary. The leadership fails to truly and really believe that Christ defeated sin and death, by His sacrificial life given to atone for man’s sins of the past, the present, and all future sins, until the Father descends from Heaven to this planet earth.

The question that needs to be understood is, what was the purpose of the God-man Jesus’ for being born, of a virgin, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit of God? Thus becoming the God-man Jesus.

Why did the human-side of Jesus suffer and die?
Why didn’t the God-side of Jesus prevent the human physical-side which ended in His horrific death?

Written in the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments, and spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, the ultimate punishment for sin is death.

The sins, and the death it brings, are both physical and spiritual.

The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament teachings are very clear about the conditions within Heaven, God’s kingdom. A glorious spiritual existence, which also includes a new spiritual-physical-side. For when Jesus died, and then, within His own power, came back to life in His physical body.

This now resurrected body, fully human, blood, and flesh, all the original components of Jesus’ earthly human body are now alive, and also, in a glorified state of being, while in conjunction with His earthly body.

In this grand exalted state of human existence, the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament states, for all to read, that Jesus now is at the right hand of God the Father of this Trinity.

(A word of explanation, the word Trinity is meant to mean, that within this same divine spiritual substance called God, is the Father, also the son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. These three, commonly referred to as the three person of God: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are within this spiritual substance we call God. These three are inseparable, and equal in divine order within each other, with the Father in the leadership position. )

Through Jesus, there is freedom from Sin and it’s lies.

This same freedom, through the same Father’s Grace, that enables all, who have faith in Jesus, as their Savior, can then be free from sin and death.

Now, in 2014, the freedom from sin and it’s guilt can be obtained by faith in Christ, by His sacrificial death on the cross. In which Jesus atoned to God the Father, by his sinless sacrifice on the cross, for all of humanity, from the past, the present, and future, until God’s heavenly kingdom descends from Heaven to earth.

Jesus is God.

Jesus’ Godly sinless life as a man, was of greater value, then the curse of sin and death. His life was beautiful, perfect, sin-less, by His choice. He, Jesus, has removed the curse of sin and death, by His sacrificial death on the cross to the Father, for Sin’s removal from mankind.

Jesus’ human life sacrifice was deemed acceptable, as an offering to God the Father. His life-offering was substantially observed and realized by the Father, as perfect, in all areas of Jesus’ mind, heart, and will.
Jesus willingly, and gladly, accepted the Father’s wrath, God’s wrath, that is against all sin.

God the Father accepted the beauty of perfect holiness, offered to Himself by Jesus, who willingly gave His life, with all thanksgiving and praise for humanity.
Jesus’ early, as well as His adult life, demonstrated His love for all of humanity, knowing He was to be this Holy Sacrifice, the Redemption of mankind.
Jesus fully realized from His youth that His life had to endure all temptations that are common to all men and yet, not to sin.

Jesus knew that He always gives the highest honor and praise to God the Father in all situations. Doing and being motivated by His love and adoration of absolute Holiness, as He beheld the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, by Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary, it resulted in sin’s removal, that is, man’s Original Sin, (the disobedience of Adam and Eve, which was the first and original sin) and all subsequent sins. By Jesus atoning, His sacrifice to the Father, resulted in sins controlling power over mankind being removed, removed from all of humanity.

Mankind now lives under the lie from Satan;
Satan and his curse of sin and death.
Sin and death have been defeated, totally destroyed by Christ, for all of humanity.
This is the Gospel Message, the Great Commission of Christ, to all Christian Believers.
Jesus removed sin’s power of death, by Himself rising from death.
Faith in Christ, and His atonement for humanity, is freedom for all, freedom from sin and it’s death.
Now, the Christian while in peace or distress, sickness or health, can have victory while in this life, within any station of life, that one might find oneself;

Through understanding of Jesus’ purpose, by faith in Christ; furthermore, faith in the understanding of God’s plan for man, and man’s salvation by Christ, and that salvation only through the Father’s Grace.

Only the Holy Spirit of God creates within a repentant man, a new person in Christ.

Now man, as a spiritually born again new creature in Christ, can by faith, live free of sin and guilt. If one should occasionally sin, we have an advocate the Christ Jesus who will forgive the repentant.

Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary.

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