Birthday Mine January 2, 2015


January 2, 2015

I Would Like To Share A Very Special Birthday Salute I Received.


In All My Dreams I Never Imagined

Marrying Someone As Wonderful As You.

You’re Such A Caring Person  and A Wonderful Husband.

You’ve Filled My Life With So Many Special Moments.

Being Married To You Is The Best Thing

That’s Ever Happened To Me.

I Love You I Love Our Life Together…

And I Love Being Your Wife.

Have A Wonderful Birthday Norman!

Your Wife and Christian Missionary Partner

Selma! Protestant Christian Missionaries Norman and Selma Oetker 2014 Our home Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

Protestant Christian Missionaries Norman and Selma Oetker 2014 Our home Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

January 2015

NOTE: You that know my personal history. 

2000 Upon our family returning from our 5th Missionary tour in Thailand. Coming back to the U.S., for our oldest daughter marriage which didn’t happen.

Our 28 year Christian Marriage with having 7 children

ended with my spouse leaving our marriage and

later to remarry another.

Separated in 2002, Divorced in 2005.

This was not my desire or intent

Our Protestant Christian Family Outreach to Thailand With our Missionary Adult Children were all Active in the Lord’s work.

Today January 2015, it’s only Selma and myself.

The heartbreaks that I’ve been through,

as I very feebly- at times- try to put the good

Christian foot forward weakly.

Not understanding the why? or How? this could happen.

The emotional dark valleys of depression,

hopelessness, shame. The pains of disgrace,

before my children, family and friends.

A failure as Christian Missionary.

Oh… how I desired AT TIMES to have that rugged

cross of self denial drop from my shoulders.

Self pity was a close bed-fellow of mine.

I thought it would never end.

Now, since My return September 2012, from seven years in Christian Outreach in Reynosa Mexico.

God restored the one thing that was damaged,

of which I thought could never be healed.

It was for me to believe again TOTALLY in a

Real Christian Woman that would simply


God brought Selma came into my life.

We were married in April 2013.

I’m humbled once again before a

Mighty Sovereign God I serve.

 Protestant Christian Missionary

Keepin On For Jesus alone,

For He Alone Is Worthy!


Norman Oetker

Protestant Christian Missionary