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August  2015 Saint Charles Missouri, U.S.

Loving Jesus 100% everyday, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day…how can a person do that?


Protestant Christian Missionary
Protestant Christian Missionary, Norman Oetker, Saint Charles Missouri, U.S.

Only by God’s “Grace!”

Grace is God’s power, strength, and love towards all of humanity, ALL!

God is powerful and can help you to love Him and His Son Jesus!

No matter what you are experiencing in your earthly life.

Oetker children L to R Baby-Doll Lydia, Hannah, Rachel baby Ava, Luke, MaryLiz, Dad, James, Rebekah, Levi, Grace, the small children are part of my grandchildren.
Oetker children L to R Baby-Doll Lydia, Hannah, Rachel baby Ava, Luke, MaryLiz, Dad, James, Rebekah, Levi, Grace, the small children are part of my grandchildren.

Lukewarmness, as many supposed Christiansare.

God says,

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Revelation 3:16″

August, 2015

Any sane, reasonable person, realizes spiritual salvation when reading the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.

And then, understanding these basic ideas from God, about and through Christ-Jesus, and there upon acting, by a private confession to God alone, by FAITH for their individual forgiveness from sin.

That the forgiveness of sin within their life was done, by the atoning process of Christ at Calvary.

This heartfelt confession, with repentance, and repentance is to decide, to turn from sin -in all it’s varieties-, then to begin to obey ONLY!, the Protestant Christian Bible NEW TESTAMENT COMMANDS of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, as the daily rule, from God, for their lives.

It is only then, with all parts being understood, and most importantly a decision to willfully act upon that decision; 1. Understanding the historical background, for man’s spiritual salvation from the Protestant Christian Bible Old Testament ONLY. 2. Spiritual Salvation, only through the Christ, Jesus, as clearly defined within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. 3. Repentance, a turning from sin and INTO THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS, THE APOSTLES, AND EVANGELISTS, AS WRITTEN ONLY WITHIN “THE PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT.

Within this process, one will understand that Spiritual Salvation through Christ-Jesus is only allowed and initiated by God the Father’s Grace.

Grace is God the Father’s Power, Strength, and Love extended to all on this planet.

This GRACE-POWER-STRENGTH-LOVE is the only divine power that enables one to be saved, to be spiritually born again, as Jesus stated that all must be to be a Christian.

Without the Father’s Grace, all men, all, are incapable of relating to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Unaware, of the God of both the Old and New Testaments of the Protestant Christian Bible.

All are unable to understand by faith our blessed Holy Trinity, of The Father, The Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. The three persons in one-God, all equally God, equal in power, and inseparable.

The “Father”, in this Holy Trinity, was recognized by the first and second century followers and believers of Christ-Jesus through Letters and Epistles, by the words of Christ-Jesus, His Apostles, and Evangelists, that were written and then copied into the many language regions of the Mediterranean Basin.

The Father, referenced as the Leader of this Holy Trinitarian existence of God, which beforehand was unknown to the world, and to those of the Old Testament era..

The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament writings only, revealed this blessed “Trinity of God”, and was firmly established, by the first and second century Christian Believers and Fathers..

Those that reject the Trinity, are the current editorial boards, as well as their volunteers. They’re coming from their own, centuries old, luke-warm, and for the most part, UN-scriptural religious denominational, traditional, background’s of superstitious, man created myths, fables, and beliefs.

Every cultist-lukewarm-organization, say the same things, that their beliefs are only from and based upon the Bible.

Yet, when one begins to read their writings and disclaimers, which includes everything in their soup of mixed, non-scriptural, denominational thoughts.

The idea that a non christian reader can understand a man writings to understand God’s writing’s is ludicrous, only the Holy Spirit of God can instruct men/women, young or old, in and about the commands and truth’s as expressly given in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists. 

These false statement of, “The user may find them useful as tools to assist in understanding or teaching the Scriptures” is simply “NUTS.”

The reader will only understand man-made religions, which leads to hell not heaven.

Today’s  autonomous church denominations all say the same things, that they all have beliefs in the Bible. Yet, upon a simple, a very cursory examination of their stated doctrinal views, the Holy Scriptures opposes and block them on every point of the man-created doctrines.

Yet, the rebellious attitude written and displayed in all the introductions is, “Our group believes the bible, and in Jesus’s Atonement etc. etc.”

This or that belief, upon further reading of denominational beliefs, are based not on scripture, but of someone of the past’s own private interpretation of the very plain and authoritative writings from Christ, the Apostles and Evangelists, which are expressed and repeated consistently throughout the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Today’s ” so- called”  mainline Christian denominations are only RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS: Pentecostal, Catholic, Hindu, Muslem, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodists, Non-denomination or so-called Independent, etc, etc.

All say they believe in Jesus and Bible, and then each and all, add their man-made interpretations.

And, as all false religions they believe and follow only their established traditional beliefs.

Such a sham, and discredit to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the true Believers, and Followers of Christ-Jesus.

The Disclaimer’s should read, “we are presenting every other view of Christianity, because we don’t have the nerve to state the truth of the Clear and Concise beliefs of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists, which are found only within the ONLY CORRECT, AND DIVINELY INSPIRED WORDS FROM GOD TO MAN, FOR HIS DAILY LIFE, IN THE PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT.  ALL OTHER ANCIENT OR TRADITIONAL MAN MADE ORDINANCES AND RULES ARE FALSE, AND IF THE TRUTH WERE TO BE KNOWN , DEMONIC IN ORIGIN.


If you’re rich, average, poor, in war or peace,

Or in an average day to day boring life,

A common person or a professional.

God is there for all.

God only and truly loves all of His creation, that’s why part of this Godly spiritual substance called God, became a human through a virgin named Mary, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Born was Jesus! Jesus, Oh wonderful God-man Jesus ! I myself asked by faith in 1974, for Him to be in my life…me a most miserable, unworthy person.

Jesus came when I asked Him into my mind and heart, forgave me..loved me, when, for others it was untenable.

Jesus became my Savior, and called me His friend and brother.

Oh, please, all of the people of this World, turn to Him, for He Jesus alone, is your Savior and Guide through all of life’s difficult places…turn to Him…accept this by faith, for He, Jesus is faithful.

When He becomes your Lord and Savior, He promises you that He will never leave you no matter what happens with you…. He is always there……You will NEVER be ALONE again!

“Oh…..what a friend we have in Jesus!”

Norman and Selma Oetker

Saint Charles Missouri US. Augut 2015.