Birthday Greeting July 25, 2014

Hi Luke…. “Happy Birthday!” once again your special day! 

A couple weeks back I had sent a birthday greeting to Gracie Hannah’s daughter. And in that greeting I shared how Selma and I were happy. Shared also about Selma and her accepting Christ as her personal Lord and Savior and being water baptized.

This year I want to say to you Luke, that when you reconcile with Jesus and ultimately God the Father the Creator of all things, at that time I can assure you that you will not be thinking of any past hurts by siblings, mother, father, churches,  or others. 

It will simply be between you and God, His Son Jesus, and the Mighty Holy Ghost. The indwelling Holy Spirit bringing to your remembrance of your eternal future, and earthly destiny through Christ Jesus alone.

Love always

Dad and Selma

PS. I’m much better and gaining weigh it’s slow going but “Praise the Lord I’m above ground!”