Mega Church Hypocrisy, Mega Iglesia Hipocresía, العملاق الكنيسة النفاق, Mega tsev teev ntuj ua neeg siab phem, คริสตจักรความเจ้าเล่ห์ล้าน


Missionary Norman Oetker November 2013 at our home in Saint Charles Missouri US.

HmongNews.Org…… Protestant Christian Missionary Norman Oetker in Saint Charles Missouri US.

The Phony, Insincere Sayings by so-called Christian Leaders within the U.S. Christian Mega Churches.

“I won’t judge you, nor say anything that will offend. 

I will lead my Christian life before you!”

These false supposed Christian leaders, REFUSE to witness, to openly state to others, that Jesus is the only way of Spiritual Salvation.

Their refusal to state, that only by belief in Jesus. In ONLY His Salvation Gospel Message- which in only found explicitly, in the Protestant Christian New Testament. Only through the Father’s Grace,-Grace is the Father’s Power, Strength, Love, and favor towards all of humanity.

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The Father’s Grace brings to one the awareness to become save, and begin to understand the need to be reconciled to God through His Son Jesus’s, Death, Burial, Resurrection, and Ascension.

Jesus, now, at the right hand of God the Father.

This one and only Gospel Message can one be saved, to be spiritually born again, and to then spend eternity in Heaven.

All other beliefs, traditions, and religions or VAIN and meaningless.

These false religious Leaders state:

“Yes, I know that we must spread the faith, but I try to show others that they should be Christians, Buddhist, Moslem, Catholics etc. by

Further they state:

These false religious heretics refuse admonitions, as to the one and only true way of spiritual salvation spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

This is only another manifestation of their cowardice.
It is, furthermore, unspeakable pride.

It is OFFERING ONE’S OWN LIFE, as the challenge, rather than the faith, and understanding, in deciding, with repentance to a life turned to God in obedience TO Jesus’ Gospel of Salvation.

Trying to convince others, that as individuals one can lead blameless lives.
Rather than explaining the Father’s Plan of Salvation by His Grace and Truth, through Jesus’ Atonement, that is carried to our understanding by the Third Person within this Trinitarian Spiritual Substance that we call God.
This Holy Trinity of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, through the Father’s Grace,  the Holy Spirit brings the awareness
of our need for Redemption.
And, in the hope of Jesus, and His Gospel message of being spiritually born again.

The Christians today’s hope is only in God’s great redemptive work of Salvation, that ALL can believe and follow Jesus, and can be “SPIRITUALLY BORN AGAIN.”

TURN to Jesus ONLY!
Updated September 2015

Norman and Selma Oetker Protestant Christian Missionaries November 2014, Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

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