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March 2014, Saint Charles Missouri.

Picture is Stadium in Reynosa Mexico.

Reynosa Mexico Stadium, Hmong, Norman and Selma Oetker, Protestant Christian Missionaries. March 2014
Reynosa Mexico Stadium, Hmong, Norman and Selma Oetker, Protestant Christian Missionaries. March 2014

Norman and Selma Oetker, Protestant Christian Missionaries. 

Hola, to my friends in Reynosa Mexico.

To Moises, your brother, a now married sister Kar, another sister Fabiola and husband, your mom and dad.

A great SALUDOS! And so many thanks you’s, for helping me in many different ways.

Moises, you and your entire family truly represent the Nation of Mexico by your love and generosity that you all extended to me always.

Again with love and SALUDOS!

To those, who help me during the six years that I lived and served in Reynosa, as a Protestant Christian Missionary.

To Homeland Security and the Custom and Border Agents located at Hidalgo and Mission Texas. Helping me to secure security clearance, and who always kept me aware of dangerous situations when crossing the borders between the United States and Mexico.

To Diane, for offering the opportunity to come and do missions work in Reynosa.

To Aida and her son, in allowing me to stay with them, until my house was available.

To the three Protestant Christian Churches that I worked with while there having Bible and English classes.

To Aracely, as a Spanish/English tutor.

In addition, I’m grateful to Enrique, for his time and patients in instructing me, and thereby, gained a Silent Way Certificate, as a teacher of the “Silent Way Language Learning Technique.”

To all of the 350 or so students, that came to my residence for English classes.

Thanks for being able for at least one year, that I shared Christ in the notorious Reynosa Prison.

Thanks you, for the permissions granted to me, the only white Caucasian, a non Latino by the Prison Authority of the State of Taumalipis Mexico, and to the local directors at the Reynosa Prison.

Most especially to Celia, Educational Prison Director.

And, to each and everyone of the Prison Office Personnel.

And to those that work inside the Prison in Reynosa.
Again, a great applause, to all the prison office personal who were dedicated to helping the prison inmates, who are their fellow Mexican citizens.

The entire office personal seemed committed to helping the prisoners with educational benefits. Assisting them, with how to be responsible, and to become a contributing tax paying, law abiding Mexican Citizen.

Teaching them, through the many Mexican government assisted educational and vocational training projects.

Even having with some, an early release, if programs are completed, offered within the Reynosa Prison Educational Programs.

Thanks you, for allowing me, to contribute, in a small way, with having a Certificate Awarding upon completion of a 16 weekly speaking Basic English Classes, with accompanying Bible Classes.

A special thanks to Rueben, the inside Prison educational director, for His continual assistance while inside the Prison.

To Pastor Troy of Missouri, who remained vigilant through emails with me during the entire time that I was in Reynosa Mexico.

Much thanks and appreciation for the emails from my family.

And also to my friends Moises S., Aldo and Cecilia, and my friend Pris and family. (February 8, 2015 Thinking of you Pris.)

Thankful, again to my children who were always on the edge about me serving in Mexico, with the on-going violence with the Drug Cartel and Zetas in Mexico.

Returned from 7 (seven) years in Mexico, to Saint Charles Missouri US. September 2012, meet and married my wife Selma on April 2013.

We continue with L.A.M. “The Light Amidst the Hmong.”
A Christian outreach to the world.

February 8, 2015

Norman and Selma Oetker