Mission House #4 MongNjua Hmong


Located In Mae HongSon Thailand was L.A.M.

The Light Amidst the Mong

Christian Outreach headquarters for Northern Thailand.

  From here, we continued the outreach to the MongNjua, and Hmong, and to all other hill-tribes, that I came into contact with.

Mission Teak House 2014 down from Hospital in Mae HongSon Thailand, we lived there in the late 1980's and 90's, "HmongNews.org", Protestant Christian Missionaries, Norman and Selma Oetker, Selma's Pulpit, "The Light Amist the Hmong", Hmong, UCLE, Pahawh, RPA., Saint Charles Missouri US.,
Mission Teak House 2014 down from Hospital in Mae HongSon Thailand, we lived there in the late 1980’s and 90’s, “HmongNews.Org”, Protestant Christian Missionaries, Norman and Selma Oetker, Selma’s Pulpit, “The Light Amidst the Hmong”, Hmong, UCLE, Pahawh, RPA., Saint Charles Missouri US.,

As well as the local Thais of North Thailand; more particular, those of the Sino Tibetan Language Groups, located along the famed “Burma Hump.” between Myanmar (Burma),  Thailand, and China.

BURMA HUMP click to read

Additionally, we home schooled our children there.

We had between 30 to 60 students coming to English classes in the evenings. The entire family helped with English classes.

I went to many other villages at lower levels of the mountains, when going up the mountains to the MongNjua village. Their were: Lahu, Lisu, Meew, Taiyai, to mentioned only a few.

I photo copied the Gospel message into their local dialects if possible, and handed it out to each and all as I passed though. If not possible, I copied from the Thai Protestant Christian Bible, the passages related to eternal Salvation through Jesus, the “Messiah.”

Understanding the Gospel Message of Spiritual Salvation’s Faith in Jesus, and how to become a Christian, is through the Father’s Grace, which is His Strength, Power, Love, and Favor towards all of humanity.

His Grace is given in abundant measures. Wherever evil and sin are at its worst, the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament affirms that God the Father’s Grace much more abounds.

Grace allows,

1. Understanding the Gospel Message Purpose,

2. Understanding Repentance, with its need to begin a life turned to God.

3. And finally, with a dedicated decision to agree to the previous two statements, to then enter into-with a Faith believing mindsets- a new relationship with our Heavenly Father, as Jesus becomes, by the Father’s Grace, and by you, and you alone, through your free will choice, in having Jesus as your Lord and Savior of your Life.

Now to begin your new life,  

a New Creature in Jesus, the “Christ!”

Beginning this New Spiritual Born Again Life in obedience ONLY to the Teachings and Commands found in the ONLY Divinely Inspired Books from God, the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments, with the New Testament only to be obeyed today, as the Christian’s Daily Guide.

The National Thai language is taught in all schools, even those in the hill tribe mountains. This assures all children to communicate in the National Thai Language. 

I was acting as a Circuit Preacher. And in each village, always, I was asked, if our mission family would come and live there instead of Mae HongSon. Living with them in their villages, and minister to them.

What is so disheartening for me personally is when other SO-CALLED Christian missionaries.

This name, Christian missionary, is a MISNOMER!

Christian missionary, as used today means a religious denomination missionary. From a religion’s denomination that has chosen to rewrite and interpret the Protestant Christian Bible in the fashion as they so want, picking and choosing what and how they view scriptures, and  how they want their god understood.

Examples, I’ve had these false missionaries teaching that a person can never be set free of sin, can never really experience Christ in their lives until the reach Heaven.

Other so-called Christians missionaries teaching you cannot eat pork.

Commanded from their American and European Religious Denominations to teach, to be a Christian you need to pay God ten percent of everything you own. And, of course, the money to go to the missionary denomination.

Adding for those wanting to become a Christian their need of more denominations religious books to be understood, as part of completing a religious classes to become a Christian.

Some teach to not celebrate Birthdays, Christmas, the American Thanksgiving and other national worldwide Holidays.

Others still teaching to be a Christian, you have to keep Old Testament Laws (tithing) Traditions and Celebrations.

Others teach you have to speak in tongues to be a Christian.

Others saying you can only become a Christian by being water baptize by full immersion in water. One day I asked one these fanatics, how then do you explain the thief on the Cross who died with Jesus and said, before He died, that he believed in Jesus!  Jesus assured him he would go to heaven?

This person said, and this is no joke, he said to my face, that as the man died, and on his way to heaven, he passed through a rain cloud and in doing so, was water baptize. 

If I had to rate the worst offense to the God

of the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament, would be the one that has the subtle lies of Satan.

Just as the devil deceived Eve, who then enticed Adam.

Adam, who of his own free will choose to believe his helpmate Eve, instead of what God had told him.

Satan’s lies are always the same, they will never outwardly contradict the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments essential truths.

20 (twenty) years ago in South East Asia, I began to hear this talked by other so-called Christian Foreign Missionaries, and I’m sure it had been believed long before that.

Mind you reader, if you want to be one of the boys, (in this case a missionary) you know the old number one RULE, “don’t make waves!” And, never say anything against your financial backers. (the home churches that is, if the truth be known, those giving the money, are guilt ridden-ed. Thinking, if they pay some money to someone else to talk about Jesus. Having their own conscious clear. Therefore, they can continue with their comfortable lives; in fact, their mind is slowly being seared from the Gospel truths.

As a sidebar, I witnessed first hand, and actually read the letters sent to one of the major Protestant American Christian Denomination Headquarter’s about the telling of other missionaries, within their own group, who taught what the New Testament plainly states.

However, this denominations does not believe this.  

This denomination’s doctrine contradicts the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament openly. And, I’m not talking about some sort of deep spiritual doctrine emanating from religious obscurity.

Sadly, I knew those in involved, and they were given A CHOICE, either toll the denomination’s doctrinal line of thought about these scriptures or the support money stops.

They involved choose the Money sadly.

The WORST offense is the thoughts exchanged openly with senior missionaries that the lost, the non-believers, especially their heathen priest and priestess’ will be judged by God in Heaven, according to their true intent of their hearts, as to serving their hand-made gods and statues.

These Christian missionaries believing that by these good, moral citizens of their heathen countries, that it’s not necessary for them to be spiritually born again by the Holy Spirit Of God.

Nor do they believe, that its necessary for one to believe that Jesus is the only way to go to Heaven.

These FALSE Christian missionaries believed that these good people who don’t know Jesus will go to Heaven based on their “good human works, doing good things for others, and the community.” 

Jesus is completely unnecessary, Jesus’s Atonement to these missionaries is meaningless.

I’ve listened to the same thing here from this Mega Church in Texas.

Their ungodly thoughts go like this, that they will not judge anyone, nor will they tell anyone that their beliefs will send them to Hell.

These mega church followers choose NOT to declare the Gospel of Jesus, and the way of spiritual salvation.

They say things like “look at my life.” See my love I show towards you.  And in these demonic environment, the same lies continue with,

” I will not judge you, but God will judge your life!”

The Truth is:

Man can do NOTHING to earn His or Her way to Heaven.

Man has to Spiritually Born Again to be with God  

Christian Missionaries are ONLY those who have been Spiritually born again by the Holy Spirit of God, the Third Person of our Blessed Holy Trinity, who is equal and inseparable from the Father, and Son (Jesus), all are within this Spiritual Substance known as God.

The so-called Christian Missionaries entering other countries spread confusion, deception from the American so-called Christian churches. There are a few exceptions.

Confusion and deception of each so-called Christian church, with their opposing doctrines, practices, and beliefs.

As they export their divisive, confused, and mis representable Protestant Christian Bible New Testament beliefs from America.

Replacing, with their religious denominations man created interpretations, so it is on the mission field.

The people of the world want the Truth of the purpose of Jesus as God, coming to the planet.

The Gospel Message only, can bring freedom from sin, guilt, and condemnation.

This message is only found in the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament.

Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary. December 2014 Saint Charles Missouri U.S.