Introduction Only to Protestant Christian Bible by N. Oetker

Introduction Only to Protestant Christian Bible by N. Oetker


Introduction by N. Oetker

Norman and Selma Oetker Protestant Christian Missionaries

Norman and Selma Oetker
Protestant Christian Missionaries,                     Saint Charles Missouri U.S. 2015

Following: From Thomas Hartwell Horne are brief copied portions, of his original text information, including references and footnotes. His Volume 1 (of his IV Volume Set) establishes the authenticity and genuineness of the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments. As we have it today, 2015.

Thomas Horne2

NOTE to Readers: there will be many different mindsets when each begins to read the following.

1. Those who have been truly spiritually born again and are in fact, serving God’s Will.

God’s Will Is To Lead All To Be Saved; This Salvation Message Through Jesus Alone,

Isn’t Done by Angels Or Others.

Christian, Spiritually Born Again
Christian, Spiritually Born Again

christian1 The Gospel Good News Message Of Salvation Through Jesus Alone, Is The Purpose Of All That Claim To Be Spiritually Born Again. If This Singular Gospel Message Isn’t Your Goal, And True Purpose In Your Life, Then YOU’RE NOT Saved.

You’re Only Another Religionist, doomed to Perdition (Hell), if one doesn’t Repent. Repentance is a life turned to God, to LOVE GOD above all else, an absolute requirement by God , for ALL the followers of Jesus! 

Perdition Hell

Perdition Hell

If you won’t follow, won’t love Jesus, won’t love God the Father above all else, won’t obey the Protestant Christian New Testament words of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists,

then you’re spiritually lost and doomed to Perdition. 

2. Those who think and believe they are Christians via the declarations of the church they attend and support,

False Christians Believe How They Want!

False Christians Believe HowThey Want! The So-called Christian Churches of Today 2015

They are only good, moral people, that haven’t been spiritually born again as Jesus stated; they are doomed to perdition. 

3. All religions are doomed to perdition.

4. Then, are those readers who have never Heard the Good News Gospel Message. All they have heard or seen, is religious people doing kind works for others, and leading an apparently good life.

Do'Gooder look at my life, I won't judge you.

Do’Gooder look at my GOOD life, I won’t judge you.

These that don’t know or haven’t heard the

true gospel message think this is what it

means to be a Christian.

To join a church, lead a good life,

My Good Life, Not the Truth of the Consequences For Not Obeying the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Writings of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists. I won't Judge You! Look at My Good Life! God Judges How Good a Person I Am....... False!

My Good Life, Not the Truth of the Consequences For Not Obeying the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Writings of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists. I won’t Judge You! Look at My Good Life! God Judges How Good a Person I Am……. False!

help the community, don’t judge anyone, give food, clothes, pledge to give up part of their income to a religion, etc. All who practice these methods are equally doomed to perdition.

5. Finally, I want to address those who erroneously believe that there is only ONE TRUE BIBLE! And they quite erroneously, -these that are uninformed of the Protestant Christian Bible History- state its only the


The False, The Legalistic, and Insecure Teach Only Use the King James Version Of The Bible.

The Unlearned, The False, The Legalistic, and Insecure Teach Only Use the King James Version Of The Bible.

to be read or believed. Anyone who cares to finish this article, and at the end of Part 2, you’ll see clearly, and without any equivocation to the historical facts, that the King James is from a line of previously translated English Bibles. To be clear, and without misunderstandings, there are many mistranslated of the so-called modern versions.

For a Spiritually Born-again Christian, even if he or she can read or not, (for being able to read does not affect the decision of one’s salvation), the New Testament is very clear. God the Father’s Holy Spirit is the Teacher of God’s Holy Word. All that is from God the Father is complete, for all of humanity to understand at this period of God’s Earth.

The New Testament, speaks out the TRUTHS of the Protestant Christian Bible, especially the New Testament. All New Testament Truths are to obeyed, and will be judged upon this Divine Book, and this BOOK ALONE, (The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament ONLY!) 

Jesus promises all of His followers different things in their servitude to Him, as their Lord and Master. I want to mention a couple of the promises that are to all of His Believers and Followers,

After individuals GIVE UP THE RIGHT TO THEMSELVES and become God’s servant, and has allowed Jesus to be their Lord and Master, according to the written words of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists.

Deny Self, Take Up Cross Daily Of Self Denial And Follow Jesus
Deny Self, Take Up Cross Daily Of Self Denial And Follow Jesus

self denial

These Words to follow are only found in the divine, inspired words, from God to man, written only within the Protestant Christian Bible. The New Testament alone is to be the daily rule and guide for today’s Christian.

Jesus says that eventually,



ALL OTHER BIBLES or False and Misleading.

Other bibles have most deliberately supplied additional, erroneous and invalid words, and or phrases, to our sacred text. Additionally, omitting, or allowing distortions, or the removal of the accurate etymology of the central sacred TRUTHS.

Why would people change the Holy Scriptures?

Why? To prove, to give a false impression, that their created religious points of view have validation.

All, introduce a radical, false theological god, or  some other supposed deities.

There Is An Old Adage,

Power Corrupts, And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!”

An historic false religious cult leader was a man who became Pope Pius 9, in the 1870’s. He’s a primary example, of a glaring demonstrative, historical picture, of how unchecked narcissism breeds total and absolute personal corruption.

This pope, during his long thirty year reign, was convinced by a demon spirit, and in collusion with his own self-indulgent ego, self pride, arrogance, and an open condescension to the rest of humanity, that HE alone, was incapable of making an error regarding the pretended doctrines HE introduced.

This man, was Pope Pius 9, who singly introduced a false god to be worshiped; himself, a sinner; as well as a another sinner, a woman; both to be worshiped.

By Introducing A Woman Who Was Born In Sin 

As A god To Pray To.

a man made god
a man made god

This one man, this religious cult leader, much like that of Mohammed, (who copied the Old and New Testament Writings, and then heard a bell ringing; then another said to him, maybe it is a god  sign).

And, another glaring false cult example, the Mormons, (its’ leader finding a god’s truth under a rock).

Another, Jehovah Witnesses, (a convicted scam artist, a criminal) another false cult leader. 

Buddha climbing a tree and receiving enlightenment, then deserting wife and family.

The false religion lists can go on and on of the demonic attempts to mislead all to reject only one thing AS DIVINE AND FROM GOD– THE PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN  BIBLE; TRYING TO CREATE THE OLD TESTAMENT AS MYTHS AND FABLES.


This ordinary man, the 9th pope, of the 1870’s, in the Roman Catholic church manipulated his own importance; claimed by sheer religious power, that just he, no other human being ever before him, that he, of the billions of people, that he alone could never sin, or make a mistake, or error.

The Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament

States Clearly, All humans, without exception, are born in sin.

Additionally, Jesus states plainly without any misunderstanding, until a person understands God the Father’s requirements for becoming a spiritually born again Christian, Through ONLY the Good News Gospel Message of GRACE, Salvation, Atonement, Redemption, Justification, the Death, Burial, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus, who now is at the right hand of God the Father.

If one doesn’t understand the Christian basics, (click to open “The Fundamentals” by R.A. Torrey) how can a person then be “spiritually born again, a New Creature in Jesus, the Christ!”

These basic understandings are the heart of the Gospel Message. Reader, yourself, can be assured that the Great Majority of those that think they are saved and Spirit filled are CLUELESS on these basic subjects. For the most part those who say they are spirit-filled Christians have set in their minds how they want their god to be like, and then congregate with others of like minds.

There are NO OTHER Traditions ancient or new, or any supposed doctrines of the church by which a person can be saved.

Jesus is now interceding on behalf of all of His followers. They, these followers, are only those, that have been spiritually born-again by the Holy Spirit of God.

A church cannot make you a Christian, a Follower or a Believer.

Its ONLY through the Father’s Grace, the Justification by Jesus, and Repentance.

Repentance is a life turned to God totally, not 99 percent or 95 but a total 100 percent.


Loving Jesus above all else, spouse, family, neighbors, community, church membership…ALL!!

If not, you are NOT a Christian, you’re just another good moral, loyal religious member doomed to perdition (Hell.)


Repentance means, and understood only, as a person’s sincere life-long commitment, to the obedience to the Will of the Father, as plainly recorded in the the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, which is the guide for daily living of the followers of Jesus. As Jesus states, if one is converted by the Holy Spirit of God, then one has to remain faithful until the end of his or her earthly journey. Not lukewarm, retired, or pass it on to someone else, thinking you can now relax and enjoy life and not be concerned. The greatest lie, the devil’s temptational thoughts to the Born Again Man or Woman is, that all religious people think they have a pass, and God won’t judge them because of what they’ve said in the past about being a Christian.


The Protestant Christian Bible Old Testament is the divine record of the Old Covenant that God had with the Jewish nation. That Old Covenant has been totally and absolutely replaced, through the coming of the Messiah JESUS. Jesus states Himself, at the last Supper with His Apostles, that He has replaced, and brought a NEW COVENANT!

A Covenant to all people of the world!




All People Are BORN In Sin: Past, Present, And Future.

All Except Jesus!

Adam Was The Only And First Human CREATED By God.

God Created Adam At First, Perfectly Innocent.

Adam Willfully, Deliberately, Without Reservation, Succumbed To Temptation; Thereby He Brought Sin Into The World.

All Born Thereafter Were Born In Sin.


All are born in Sin!

Protestant Christian Bible

Old And New Testaments

Ecclesiastes 7:20 – For [there is] not a just man upon earth, that doth good, and sins not.

Psalms 51:5 – Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.

Psalms 58:3 – The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.

Romans 5:12 – Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:

Romans 3:23 – For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

Romans 5:19 – For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

Jeremiah 17:9 – The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Job 15:14-16 – What [is] man, that he should be clean? and [he which is] born of a woman, that he should be righteous? (Read More…)

1 John 1:10 – If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

As absolute power corrupts absolutely, this one man, the 9th pope, this cult leader, decided on his own, repeating once again, this individual, in total opposition to all that had been documented as the true gospels of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists;

This one man 1. Made of himself a deity (a god) figure, unable to sin or error. Then he introduces false assertions with the reasoning that he alone presents an ERROR Free person never to sin or error.

A complete DEMON INSPIRED lie to the people,

  1. Proclaiming, that an ordinary woman named Mary, who was born in sin, as all humans were and are, (the only exception was Jesus the Son of God, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and who was born through this Mary.)

This 9th pope pius stated, that she (Mary) was sinless, and to be prayed to, and worshiped as a mother god. (mother gods are heathen, pagan rituals, that have been in existence for a millennium.) This is a common age old practice by the Jesuits, to get heathen and pagan nations to join with the roman catholic church; they allow all evil inspired ceremonies as long as they continue with their church. Once again all one has to do is check it out in any library or google under ancient religious practices.

If I said that the Mormons wear Holy Underwear when you see them on their bikes, or walking in pairs, for spiritual protection, or, if I said they believe they are from another race of people from another planet, Would you believe it? Probably not; the fact remains, its true. The men’s Shriners, Masons, the ladies Eastern Star, with their secret blood oaths and demon pledges, all are unknown to the general populous; they want you to see them as helping child disease victims. Or, do you know of the White Robed People in southern California, who believe they are the actual re-incarnated Jesus, Peter, and other Apostles and Prophets?

Are you aware of so-called Christians, Messianics, and charismatic spirit-filled Christians who bark like a dog, neigh like a horse, crow like a chicken, during their church service? Are you aware of them laughing uncontrollably during their church services, to the point of urinating on themselves? And there are thousands who continue to this day to believe that is was the holy spirit of god in their services. Pastors of all kinds went to participate in these demonic demonstrations.

Why didn’t some one call them out? These so-called Christians?



At that time period, death awaited all that challenged this one narcissistic individual, the roman catholic pope Pius 9, of the 1870’s.

Anyone can go to any public library or google it, and read for themselves of this cult leader.

In 2015, The Roman Catholic Church is a Cult, having control over many of the billions of people of the world.

As with ALL CULTS the membership is bound to absolute Unquestionable, loyalty, obedience and submission. They, the catholic people, blindly follow along, truly ignorant of facts, and choose to be ignorant of historical facts of their false catholic cult.

As one can realize, within the global community, the higher learning institutions encompass many catholic institutions, as well as others.

It’s amazing to me how they stumble and blindly follow their religious denominations cults.

I want to insert with Precision a word that describes the followers of religions in the U.S. and globally.



They are similar to all cults; Mormons, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Messianics, animists, all !

If, you, reader, have any doubts about cult membership (this includes atheists, deists, Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterian, Pentecostals, all that permit in their doctrines or practices, that which is directly spoken of as sin by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament;

All one has to do is to ask and observe 3 things.

1. Does the individual, group, denomination believe only in the divine inspiration of the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament. And that ONLY the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament is the only divine guide for today’s Followers of Jesus to follow, to be able to be Spiritually Born Again?

2. Second and most important, observe this person, group or supposed church, read their doctrines and soon you’ll see and experience a false gospel message of convenience.

3. Legalism replaces and substitutes essential truths and parts of the Gospel Message of one’s need of repenting. Of turning one’s life to the obedience to the teachings and truths of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, that are found in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. Repentance is exchanged and replaced with a vast system of works, self help programs, community outreach, food and clothes drives, building houses, picking up trash, baby sitting services; here in this area of Missouri, they have diaper drives. Any and all types of personal works REPLACES  true personal repentance and the inward turning of one’s life to the teachings of Christ, and of leading the lost to Christ. Leading the lost to Christ is Replaced with a Legalistic approach to God, by one earning merits through their own good works that one does, thereby demonstrating to all of their own personal GOOD LIVES and the things they do for others. In other words look at me and my good life, look what I do for you. YOU, and your legalistic works replace the Gospel message of salvation. Doing things (works) to prove to your community that you are a Christian is another FALSE REPLACING GOSPEL MESSAGE. 



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