Why Roman Catholics and the 99% of Protestants are not Spiritually Born Again!


Protestant Christian Missionaries Norman and Selma Oetker
Protestant Christian Missionaries Norman and Selma Oetker

To Be A Catholic Christian you first have to a believer of this false cult Catholicisms.

Have you wondered, what is the differences between Roman Catholics, Islam, and the Religions of: India,Thailand, and all of the MiddleEast?

Or, between 99% of the Protestant Religious Denominations?

What are the Differences?

The Catholics have their own published Bibles.

The Protestants have their published Bibles.

I’m sure the Mormons have theirs, as well as Islam, Buddhist, Hindi, Confucius, as well as all other religions in the world.

What’s the differences?

Are some better at being Good? Or what is it?

How do you measure the worth of a religion?

Are societies’ actions, or their good deeds, the measure to use?



Are other countries without atrocities?

The United States today has murdered over 50,000,000 babies (fifty million) through abortions.

Where are the good countries?

Did the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches kill all who opposed their ideas of Christianity?

The Roman Catholic Popes have killed hundreds of thousands throughout the world in their Holy Wars.

Islam has killed the Roman Catholics and anyone else who didn’t agree with their religion.

So, whose religion is a good one?grl-exec-1

What god should we truly believe in?

There are 5.8 billion religiously affiliated adults and children around the globe, representing 84% of the 2010 world population of 6.9 billion.

A God from the ancient past, do we believe in this Jesus?

How about the roman catholic pope?

Islam…or any of the hundreds of other religions in the world.

From an Internet Source see below in part.

1.HINDU: Hindus worship one Being of ultimate oneness (Brahman) through infinite representations of gods and goddesses. These various manifestations of gods and goddesses become incarnate within idols, temples, gurus, rivers, animals, etc.

2. NEW AGE: A person in New Age would see themselves as God, the cosmos, the universe. In fact, everything that the person sees, hears, feels or imagines is to be considered divine.

3. BUDDISM: Buddhist. Therefore, the goal of a Buddhist is to purify one’s heart and to let go of all yearnings toward sensual desires and the attachment to oneself.

4. ISLAM: Islam teaches that there is one supreme God, who is worshiped through good deeds and disciplined religious rituals.

5.CHRISTIAN: Faith in Jesus Christ himself, Whatever circumstances a Christian is dealing with in their life, the Bible teaches that they can confidently turn to a wise and powerful God who genuinely loves them. They believe that God answers prayer and that life takes on meaning as they live to honor him.

6.ROMAN CATHOLICS: Catholics, however, do not believe that the Bible alone is enough, and instead hold that the Bible and sacred Roman Catholic traditions are equal in authority,….

Roman Catholic doctrines, such as purgatory, praying to the saints, veneration of Mary, have little or no basis in the Scripture, but are based on Roman Catholic traditions.

So who is right? 1,2,3,4,5,6, or OTHER?

    Remember, all religions want to live a life to honor their gods.

None of the above.

Jesus stated that to be His Follower, to be a Christian, one has to be SPIRITUALLY BORN AGAIN BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD!

Jesus stated additionally that man is incapable of doing it on his own.


Belief in Jesus or the Bible cannot make you a Christian.

All,including Christians, cannot live an honorable life to God without being spiritually born-again. Just going to church, and believing in Jesus, does not mean you are spiritually born-again.

None of today’s religions can do anything for anyone except to make them feel good emotionally.

Being a church member, Bible teacher, preacher, pope, apostle, prophet, saint or whatever else a religious type person is named,


Jesus stated, to go and baptize new followers of Himself: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

The Father’s Grace is His Power, Strength, Favor, and Love to all humans by the Holy Spirit of God, the Third Person of our Blessed Holy Trinity, who is equal and inseparable from the Father, and Son (Jesus), all are within this Spiritual Substance known as God.

All humans need this spiritual substance to enable them to begin to understand God’s requirements to being a Spiritually Born Again Christian.

This is the Good News, Gospel Message;

The Plan of Salvation for all of Humanity.

GRACE is from the Father; this alone helps all humans to begin to understand God’s requirements to become a Christian.

99 percent of Protestants are not actually Christians.

99 percent of Protestants are religious church members and really have NO idea of how to become a Christian.

Just about all in the Social Media Sites who post things about God, Jesus and other Bible quotes, are as the 99 percent, basically spiritually lost.

All religions have deeply held religious beliefs and practices, which are only ancient myths and fables,that are continuously repeated, and then become fetishes, superstitious nonsense, and blindly believed and followed by hordes of people.

The sad truth is that roman catholics, as well as all other religions follow blindly, accepting false traditions as being somehow spiritual and the truth.

Reasoning and common sense are cast aside worldwide by individuals refusing to search for historical truths and facts. Accuracy and knowledge are replaced with blind superstitions by the educated and uneducated globally, resulting in the evil world of 2015. 

Many are saying today that the world is so very evil and terrible.

Yet, there are billions of religious people.

All these false religions do nothing, but people will only worry and be concerned with their own interests.

Religions are evil!

Jesus told the Jewish high priest that Satan, the devil, was the spiritual father of this Jewish High Priest, not the God of the Bible.

The Father’s Grace is His Power, Strength, Favor, and Love to all humans.

To be a Christian is

Understanding Jesus’s purpose for coming to the earth.

Grace ( condescends from the Father to ALL humans) helps all humans to understand this Spiritual Substance known as God.

After understanding this purpose you’ll have to decide to accept or reject.

Additionally you’ll need to understand Repentance!

Repentance simply means to give up the right to yourself, to God.

Total one hundred percent surrender to God, to the teachings from the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, is necessary for today’s everyday living.

If you do not accept parts of the the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, and have replaced them with your own religious traditional beliefs, new, old or ancient, then you cannot be spiritually born again as Jesus states. You will remain a good, moral, decent person and continue in your preferred religion and then when you die you die in your sins and go to perdition.

Help Note: Grace allows a period in your life for you, and that includes all humans, to hear of God’s salvation plan through Jesus. God the Father’s Grace is given in abundant measure to all, for one singular purpose; to allow each and everyone to understand God’s Salvation message, the Gospel through Jesus alone. There are no other religions, no other ancient traditions; the way of salvation is clearly given in one book only; The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Sin, death, and FEAR will be your earthly masters.

Repent readers, remove those religious robes of self righteousness.



This is a warning to the church leaders across all denominations, and to the so called: apostles, prophets, bishops, elders, deacons, prophetess’s, Sunday school teachers…repent and confess your faults to God alone. Return to the truth found only in the Protestant Christian Bible Teaching’s of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists  found only in the one true and divine words from God through Jesus alone, in the Protestant Christian New Testament. 


All other religions are false, all man made religious traditions are vain and useless.

June 22, 2015

Saint Charles, Missouri U.S.

Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary.