Messianic Jews, a Christian Cult!

Messianic Jews, a Christian Cult!



Norman Oetker July 2015, Protestant Christian Missionary, Saint Charles Missouri U.S.
Norman Oetker July 2015, Protestant Christian Missionary, Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

Messianics: Reject the Protestant Christian Bible as the only Divine and Only Rule of Faith. All Messianic’s totally reject the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Teachings and Commands of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, As the Only Divine Rules for the Spiritually Born Again Christians to Daily Obey and Conform to.

A person said to me once when we were talking about God.

“I’ll believe in God when God shows Himself to me.”

What do you, reader, think would happen if God chose to reveal Himself to this individual?

Do you think this person then would believe?

To stand firm in the belief that God is real, that God’s Great Gospel Message of Redemption through His Son Jesus is indeed necessary for his/her, young/old life?

This July 2015, let’s explore maybe how fortuitous this line of events could play out in these cases: 1. of believing 2. to not believe.

Case 1., E.g. God revealed Himself, then subsequently this person believed what was before his or her eyes.

The appearance by God comes to an end.

What would the results be, when these have to face difficult times?doubt22

Within their minds they’ll need to call on God again and again.

Always forcing God to appear before them, to reinforce their doubts of their spiritual transformation, that indeed they are truly saved, and are the Born Again Christians?

If God does not appear, then all crumbles spiritually before their eyes, and they are once again in the same lacking spiritual place, as they had previously been.

Case 1. is a good pathway for explaining the supposed Christian who is no more than an unbeliever. He/she, is spiritually lost, alone, a solitary group.

The classic “legalistic” Christian. 

The pathways of legalism are many and intricate, from those who require everything to be put through their litmus test.

They, the supposed Messianic Christian Jews reveal the smallest of a speck of error of another, revealing the greatest, the size of boulders; yet, Messianic’s are unable, these, the Legalists, unable to see within themselves, the Christian’s faith and purpose.

God’s purpose alludes the current false cult known as Messianic; they quench the Holy Spirit of God, extinguishing, snuffing out it’s Holy Presence from their lives.

Substituting for it  the comforts of the amens of those, that also, with their great pretence of offence, and condemnation,  at the perceived and actual sins committed by those of the world;

 The very ones the Father sent Jesus to save.

These, the LOST, are the ones that all that are “Truly Spiritually Born Again” are to try and lead to Christ, the Savior of the Entire World!

This Jesus died for all, that all might be saved.

The message of the legalist is the “end of the world, exposing others sins and trespasses.”

To the Legalist there is no message of love, freedom in Christ, but a continual bombardment of sin and guilt from the Messianic’s.

The paths of their lives are frequented continuously by Legalism,

masquerading as the revealers of sin, the supposed Protestant Christians.

In the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, a verse stands clear in detecting the

Messianic’s  being deceived by the antichrist spirit.

The scriptures are clear in 1 John “who is the liar? who is the spirit of the anti-christ? It is He/she that denies the Father and the Son.

Note: The Spiritual Substance that we call God, was revealed to have two other equal and essential parts ,inseparable, and equal in power, these three names were given by Jesus in describing this spiritual substance known to all as God. 

To those named by Jesus: Jesus calls Himself “God.”

Jesus calls God in Heaven “Father,” and Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as God. Jesus ascended into Heaven, and that is when He said that the Holy Spirit descended to this earth. 

This Holy Spirit carries God the Father’s Power, Strength, Love and Favor to all Humans. This is what we call now God the Father’s Grace.

This Grace alone leads the way for all to enter into reconciliation with God the Father, and is only through Jesus and His Atonement for the “Original Sin”, and thereby has forgiven all sins, past, present, and future, until God descends from Heaven to this earth. Jesus’ Atonement is complete, fulfilled as foretold. He, Jesus, alone, is the Savior of the world.  

For only then can one understand this statement by Jesus, where He commanded all of His followers to be Baptized in the Name of the Father, and into the Son, and into the Holy Spirit. These three, are within this same spiritual substance that we call God.

How are the ways easily discovered about all of these, the false, with their strict legalistic adherence’s?

These, the false, their way is the only religious path that they are accustomed to. All legalistic followers practice one essential ritual, and it’s that one has to agree, and thus obey in the ways that they believe are correct.

A verbal agreement consent, and this eventually will lead to physical actions required, as well as to what to wear, believe and doctrines to follow, certain preachers to listen to.

And by one agreeing with this or that statement, the list of things to believe or not to believe never ends.

Their Christianity, the Messianic’s, these in this particular spiritual bondage, based their beliefs in this groups interpretations.

If you agree with them, that is, you don’t approve of group A either. Your disapproval, stating as the legalists do, then you are beginning the entrance into their inner circles.

Before long there is a never ending list of things that one has to agree to. To read this or that, listening to only certain persons. Now, a mystic understanding comes because you are now deeper into some sort of perceived understanding of sin, researching, trying to understand it.

Every current issue regarding sinful actions becomes a litmus test. One needs to agree, to be able to follow what these- with their strict adherence, require,- if you want to continue with them, the supposed spiritual,

The fallen legalistic Christian.

Case 2. To not believe is plain for all to see.

All unbelievers are consumed with Guilt, and its Condemnation. Always, they’re trying to hide it, by an outward occupying activity. Family, friends, sports, children, babies,  job, athletes, community service, etc.

 Salvation, freedom from guilt and shame, forgiveness, love, kindness await all at the feet of Jesus. Coming to the Cross of Christ is a Joy that cannot be explained. Jesus alone frees your being of Sin, Guilt, it’s Condemnation.

The wonders that Hope in Jesus can bring are the birth-right of all that truly decide for Jesus as their Lord and Master.

Norman Oetker, Protestant Christian Missionary

St. Charles, Missouri, U.S.

July 2015