Christians Asking God for Death!



“please Lord take my life I’m ready to go home!!!!!”

Example: A person is painting in a room.

This person is so absorbed in their own thoughts, before its realized, the person painted self into a corner of the ro

No way can be realized of how to get out of the situation.

The person is in a box, it seems en escapable.

Christians, struggling with life’s ups and downs oftentimes paint themselves into a corner.

What’s amazing, are God’s ways to alert one, after all is said and done, when one encounters life’s ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.

Medical Professionals U.S.

The medical expenses in the U.S.

Are over 3,000,000,000,000 (THREE TRILLION DOLARS)

Population of U.S. is 300,000,000 (Three hundred million)

3 Trillion divided by 300 million equals ten thousand per person.

The doctors, health care providers want to be paid more 2015.

Christians and Sickness !

Reading different Christian biography’s often the person death is by some severe debility.

Self-murder is a common theme heard, with comments like “please Lord take my life I’m ready to go home.” Or, “I don’t want to live like this un-plug the life support.” Or, to leave it in the hands of another to terminate your life as they deem appropriate.

I can attest to the fact that in the past, I’ve concentrated on the doctor to take care of me more than of God’s divine providence.

God uses doctors and health care providers.

However; there is a line, all Christians need to be aware of. If one chooses to cross it, the pathway leads to desiring death.

Entering this one of kind emotional death-zone, is of doubt, despair, pain, and hopelessness.

Death’s doorway is sought, after willfully choosing and entering the forbidden zone of self murder.

Faith, regarding God is quite separate and unusual to explain, seemingly there are different applications of it, regarding man-kinds predicaments.

Is faith in Buddha, Allah, Immaculate Conception, Saints, or others, the same as faith in the Christian God?

For sure the mega church preachers within the local and national communities believe so. Of course, the correct answer is NO, the above and all other religions are false deceptions, shrouded in some sort of mystical superstitious make-believe fantasies.

The common phrase you’ll hear is “they won’t judge you, that you’ll be judged by God, for your daily life’s acts and intentions.”

Furthermore, stating “that only God knows who is really saved, and is a Christian.”

This is a complete mis characterization and contrary to what’s written in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Broken Chain

The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament states clearly that we are now living in the time of Grace.

The Father’s Grace is His Power, Strength, Favor, and Love to all humans.

Moreover, the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament states where sin is, God’s Grace much more abounds.

The world’s news is now instantaneous, and it seems that things are collapsing socially and economically.

However, just the opposite as seen through God’s Eyes is happening.

God’s the Father’s Grace, His Power, His Strength, His Favor, and His Love is to all humans.doubt doubt2 doubt3 doubt4

The Father’s Grace abounds bountifully world-wide. His Grace is greater than all the sins of man, known or unknown.

Faith, we all have heard of faith of individuals through some very heralding circumstances, and we stand in amazement, of how could they endure such extremes.

Is this the faith that we are writing about? No!

God created all humans, all of human emotional makeup is from God. All talents, gifts, abilities natural or learned.

Human faith, is only that, human!

And, all humans have a measure of faith. Its part of human emotions

God’s faith is delivered in a different and unknown way to all of humanity.

Godly faith comes not from a human, but from God. And not from just any god, but ONLY from the God of the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament.

God’s faith comes to all, as well as personal spiritual salvation through the Gospel Good Message about God’s Son Jesus, and His Atonement.

People will repeat prayers many times over, invoking God into their situations, repeating prayers over and over. Thinking, they’ll be answered, by the shear number of times something is repeated.


How are we to understand God’s Faith to humanity?

The simplest level of experiencing God’s faith is completely unknown to humans. One finds themselves exploring the different avenues about thoughts of a god. Many join, or attach themselves to a Protestant Denominational group, Non-denominational, Independent etc.

Others look into obvious religious cults: Roman Catholicism, Lutherans, Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah Witness’s, Buddhist, Hindi, New Age, Messianics, Charismatics, etc.

All deny that one has to obey only the spoken truths by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

All deny that one has to be Spiritually Born Again, and in doing so, additionally, by their confession of Jesus as their Lord and Savior; deciding to repent, to turn their lives to the obedience of the written Commands, and Truths, in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Only.

There are NO other truths from God, from any other source for man’s Spiritual Salvation.

There are NO ancient or new church traditions to be obeyed.

God’s Truths are revealed in only ONE written work, “The Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament.”

God’s Faith will eventually, at times lead some through a maze of spiritual confusion, wrong choices, wrong commitments, erroneous religious beliefs, customs and practices.

God’s Faith is delivered in only ONE Format, and that is in God’s Grace!

Grace Faith, is the Father’s Grace. Grace Faith is His Power, Grace Faith is Strength, Grace Faith is Favor, Grace Faith is Love to all humans.

If your faith is mainly about your beliefs and thoughts about God, then you have the human faith working, Not God’s Faith.

If your faith is built in your beliefs of God’s Power, then you have human faith working, Not God’s Faith.

If your faith is built on how God will carry you through any situation then it’s your human faith, Not God’s Faith.

If your faith is expressed in your love to others, your human faith is working, Not God’s Faith.

How to know your human faith from God’s Faith?


You can be assured you haven’t been “Spiritually Born Again” by God’s Grace through God’s Faith in God’s Son Jesus, even if you speak in tongues.

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July 2015 in my home.

Norman Oetker

Protestant Christian Missionary

Saint Charles Missouri U.S.