God the Father’s Valley


July 2015
July 2015

Is Today Your Day To Be “Spiritually Born Again!”

To become a “Christian”, a Follower of Jesus?

To have a completely “New Life!”

Experiencing for the first time a life with

“NO Guilt and Condemnation!”

Loved, Forgiven by the Holy Spirit of God!

Humbled by all that Jesus did just for YOU!

The Father’s Grace is real.

Man’s Free Will, Rebellion, Stiff-Neckness is real also.

Sin is in control of all within the world, of all who have not been spiritually born again.

Sin neglects God.

The God described and written of in the

Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.

Why is God tugging on your heart strings TODAY?asian thinking asian thinking2 blacks thinking blacks thinking2

Worldly Thinking3 Worldly Thinking2Tugging for you to yield your life to Jesus’s TRUTHS,

and yet, YOU resist?

So many have experienced the presence of the Lord within their lives.

And they too, have resisted the Holy Spirit’s longing for them to yield their lives in total.

One high emotional experience to the low, is today’s supposed Christian’s patterns.

God isn’t a high and low experience.

God is continual.keep calm

Reader; to the unsaved, and to the supposed Christians who are on the spiritual highs and lows, those who follow any current feel-good supposed gospel message by the rich and famous supposed Christian leaders;

God requires YOU, the one who thinks they are in fact, saved and born again, that you will be required even more within in your life.


Not because of your holiness but, because of you stubbornness to the Holy Spirit of God.

Your personal and outward trials will be equivalent to your resistance to God.

This will not be some quick run to the altar asking God to forgive you again , leaving God with your great display, tears and all.

Then publish to all that will listen- of your  new invigorating love for God.

You’ll know, “supposed Christian”, when it comes around again into your life.

The Valley is very wide, and it accommodates all of the pilgrims on their journeys as they pass through….many enter God’s valley with confidence, and are abundantly clothed in testimonial righteousness…… God’s valley is very long and in the end all of self righteousness is fallen aside, all thoughts are exposed, and are resolved.

All followers of Jesus will go through the Father’s Valley, irregardless if one is old, sick, invalid, bedridden, crippled or in pristine physical shape…ALL must journey through.

rich2The Rich man entered and had much to carry.richman

poor man poor

Poor Man US South, HmongNews.org, HmongNews.Org, “The Missionary”, Hmong UCLE, Hmong Pahawh, Hmong RPA, Nyob Zoo, NaPaPaek Thailand, MaeHongSon, Bible Protestant Christian Old and New Testament, Commands of Jesus, Intentions, English Class, Fresno California, Hmong Dictionary by N. Oetker, L.A.M. inc. 1978 Christian-Outreach, Mae Hongson Thailand, Myanmar Burma, Naipapat Thailand, Norman and Selma Oetker 2014 Protestant Christian Missionaries, Reynosa Mexico, Selma's Pulpit, St. Charles Missouri US., Trinity,
Poor Man US South, HmongNews.Org

Today’s supposed Christians enter and shortly crumble.

The poor man enters with “HAVE MERCY ON ME!”poor man poor man2 poor man3 poor man4 poor man5 poor man6

DSCN0379Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary.

July 2015, Saint Charles Missouri U.S. in our home.