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June 19, 2015
Saint Charles, Missouri U.S.
Facebook Friends,
In 1974 I became a Christian.
DSCN0397Subsequently, my life’s purpose has been to share with all, the Plan Of Spiritual Salvation through Jesus alone.
As found in the Protestant Christian Bible Only.
I presently have Websites: HowToBecomeAChristianToday.Com, HmongNews.Org and normanoetker.com., additionally my YouTube Site, Twitter, are at Norman Oetker.
My practice is to share this one of kind of spiritual salvation through Jesus alone, with all those I come in contact with.
This includes all in Facebook Page Timeline and NewsFeed.

I will be UN-Following ALL on my Facebook Friend’s list.

And will once again begin “A New.”

In sharing Jesus, and the way of Salvation, to new acquaintances on Facebook.

If you want to continue to read about Jesus and the Gospel Truth of Him Only to be Spiritually Saved, then ALL, will have to renew through a new friend request to our Facebook Page.
Thinking of all,
Protestant Christian Missionaries
Norman and Selma Oetker.
February 2015, Saint Charles Missouri U.S.
Hi, Were Protestant Christian Missionaries Norman and Selma Oetker
I’m the founder and director of L.A.M.
“The Light Amidst the Mong/Hmong.”




A Christian Outreach to Thailand, U.S., and the world.
L.A.M. is a “non for profit organization” registered in the state of Missouri since 1978.

L.A.M.’s sole purpose is to share the Gospel Good News Message of Jesus.
Jesus is the only way of Spiritual Salvation to God the Father in Heaven.

The only way of having a relationship with the One True God is through the Father’s Grace, understanding and belief in the God-man Jesus Atonement ONLY.


God the Father, as proclaimed by God the Son Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit. These Three are this Spiritual Substance that we know as God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are In-separate able and equal in power, the Father in a leadership position.

These, “Three in One”, God, are the Creator of All that is.

This Only God is written about, in the divinely inspired Protestant Christian Bible.
Only the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament is the daily guide for man to live by.

In addition, L.A.M.’s structural Trinatarian doctrinal belief’s are found only in the current “Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.”

There are no other Protestant Traditions or other sources, or man made created doctrines, books etc.offering the way of spiritual salvation to God.

The New Testament’s, “Salvation by Grace”, “Justified by Jesus’ Atonement Alone”, are the rule of Faith for one’s spiritual life.

“ONLY” found in the “Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Furthermore, the Old Testament, as an historical record of Creation, and the coming “Messiah,” which was fulfilled, in the Virgin birth of Christ, thus ending, the Old Testament Covenant relationship with God by one group, and that was with the Jewish nation.

Now, in the New Testament era, man’s Salvation is by Grace, it’s to all of the people’s of the world.

Christ’s Great, “Commission’s Call”, is to all His followers to go forth and to make and teach those- the new believers-, of this “New Covenant” which again, is found only in the New Testament writings from Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists, found only in the “Protestant Christian Bible”, no other.

The New Covenant’s writing’s, are just as binding, as the Old Testament where on those, who at that time, were believing in God, to bring the “ONE” who was to totally CRUSH and DESTROY the POWER of EVIL, as God promised in Genesis 3:15.

Sin’s power and control over mankind was TOTALLY DESTROYED by Jesus, by His death, burial, and resurrection, and ascension.
That was completed on Calvary’s Cross, as Christ the Messiah died, as the God-man Jesus. Jesus resurrected himself  by His own Power, and ascended to the right hand of God the Father.
His sinless life, He freely offered, as a sacrifice, for the sin’s of the entire world, His life was bruised, scourged, and killed while hanging from His cross on Calvary’s hill.

This bodily sinless sacrifice by Jesus, was to God the Father, thus fulfilling Genesis 3:15.

Jesus’s death, burial, resurrection, and ascention destroyed sin’s power over mankind.

Enabling all, to come, by the Father’s Grace, (Grace is God’s Power, Strength. Love and Favor to all).  All to come to one’s personal salvation through the belief and acceptance of Christ, through His plan of Salvation.

Acceptance and repentance, to now begin with a turned life. Turned from sin and unbelief. Turned to the acceptance of Christ, as their now personal Lord and Savior, and to the practical application of the NEW TESTAMENT writings of the current “Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Teachings Alone,” no others.

I’m 69, and after a twenty eight year Christian marriage, with 27 of those years on the mission field. My former spouse left the marriage in 2002, divorced in 2005. It was neither my desire nor intent. My former spouse remarried another..

I’m a Protestant Christian Missionary, I enjoy immensely my wife now, Selma (68). We were married in April 2013, in Saint Charles Missouri U.S. Selma and I continue the Protestant Christian Outreach to the Mong/Hmong and to the world.

Apart from my missionary duties, I enjoy the simple things of life, gardening, minor home repairs, travel, internet, a good movie and international music contemporary and Christian, and always on the outlook for a good shopping deal, when the funds are available. 🙂

Looking forward to our return to Thailand, and to all parts in the world, as the Lord directs.

Selma and I, are continuing the Great Commission Call.

That Jesus has issued to all of His Followers, and that is for ALL to go forth and to teach and make disciples for Him, our Lord and Savior Jesus.

We, Selma and I, are serving now in Saint Charles Missouri U.S. June 2015 HowToBecomeAChristianToday.Com, HmongNews.Org, normanoetker.com

My purpose is the same as when I became a Christian in 1974, and that is to be used by the Father, in leading people to Christ, for their eternal secured Salvation with the Lord, “Jesus.”

Our Websites:
YouTube http://youtube.com/normanoetker
e-mail normanoetker@hotmail.com

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