There have been many, many interpretations of prayer.
And what needs to be behind or the driving force to have an answer.

Many will say God’s Will be done, and basically just wait to see what the outcome of their situation will be, and then to say it’s God’s Will.

Missionaries Norman and Selma Oetker at our home in Saint Charles Missouri US. November 2013
HmongNews.Org, Missionaries Norman and Selma Oetker at our home in Saint Charles Missouri US. November 2013 updated August 2015

The Faith only believers, attribute the answers to one’s Faith when praying, using many scriptures to base their beliefs on.

Another group does not want to seek the Truth found within the New Testament Scriptures. Instead have created and Old Testament based God, of how they want their New Testament God to be like, or to have a belief that’s right within their own eyes. 

Self examination is one of the worst methods of prayer.

An example oh, I did or did not do, believe or say this or that, and as a consequence this or that prayer isn’t heard or answer.

It’s my fault because of something I did or didn’t do.

As all know, many prayers do not develop in the ways that one desires.

Then what is the way of prayer?

There is another way to view Prayer.

A question to asked one’s self, are you Obeying God?

If your examination of self is immediate, and your check-list down through your life’s activities are with yes’s and no’s …..

Question, is your life that pertains to God and Jesus about OBEDIENCE?

Or is it about Faith in Him Jesus, your Lord and Savior,

who said “He would never leave nor forsake His believers.”

Faith is to present a prayer situation into the hands of Jesus.

However, Faith’s delivery method to the Hand of Jesus is GRACE!

Grace, God’s Power, Strength, Love and Favor, carries forth, assist’ YOUR Faith.

Grace and Faith, allows a Believer to enter the Holy of Holiest Presence before the Father, and the Son, by the present indwelling of the Holy Spirit within all believers.

Normally, a believer’s Faith is continually build-up, through many ways.
All Believers face testings, trials of severity  at times.

Myself in June of 2014, I was hospitalized with a blood infection, no blood pressure, my major organs had shut down, and told to call my family into ICU.

I’ve fully recovered praise the Lord.

At that time, I had NO understanding of why I had to go through this very sick, sick time, with severe weight loss and other complication very, very painful.  

This hospitalization  that I mentioned above, it was Grace that carry me through….

Grace is the Father’s Strength, Power, LOVE and Faith.

This Grace is given to ALL humans in abundant measures!

This Grace gave, alllowed, this one dominant, overwhelming thought “ALL IS WELL WITHIN MY SOUL”

It was as though I was watching my body go through these different surgical procedures keeping me alive, and yet, all was surreal, and I was like new-born a pure-baby-faith knowing that

“”Jesus had His Hands on Me!””

Grace, Grace, our Heavenly Father’s wonderful Grace.

Carring us-by the Holy Spirit-before the ONE (Jesus) we love!

August 14, 2015

Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary 

Saint Charles MIssouri U.S.