Repentance, Understanding This To Become A Christian

August 22, 2015,
Protestant Christian Missionary
Norman Oetker
Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

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Repentance What Does It Mean Exactly,
when becoming a Christian?

There is a movement in politics “Political Correctness.”

In the Protestant Denominations or Christian Circles, there are “Political Correctness Statements to Follow.”

Today’s, false interpretations, by so-called Christians who are in essence the LOST (not spiritually born again) Religionists.

All have in COMMON A FALSE Denominational Politically-Religious explanations for the correct understanding of repentance, as it relates to one becoming a member of their group, and adhering to their versions and meanings of Christianity-repentance.

The below quote is from a social media website in describing of how to become a Christian, regarding the ENTIRE part on Repentance.

“Repentance: I hate what I have done, I turn from my sin, With all my heart I am sorry, I wish I had never done those things.”
End of Quote.

It’s obvious, from this complete quote, that the quote-subject regrets his/her actions and wants to continue to live a better, a good life.

This type of confession demonstrate the utter lack of understanding of how to lead, to instruct a lost sinner to a personal understanding of the requirements of God, for one to be converted by the Holy Spirit of God, to then be supernaturally changed, and to be a “New Creature in Jesus, the Christ!”

The person who is desiring to be a spiritually born again Christian cannot by asking for forgiveness for their personal actions or offenses.  The person seeking forgiveness for sins believe they can then be in right standing with God; furthermore, that is they think they are a Christian. This religious teaching is the false Roman Catholic Cult ideals, as all other Hindi, Budhist, Islam, Messianics, and a whole host of other worldly religions.

Having created, their man made false religions, based on themselves, and the actions that they perform, in accordance with each religious groups false theologies. Statements saying one is sorry and doing so for their actions that by them doing this they become a spiritually born again Christian, a false and anti Christian teaching.

There are a billions people in India who believe in reincarnation, are of some other false religious spiritual forms and beliefs.

Believing down to the human degradation of worshiping: rats, cows, mountains, monkeys, reincarnation over and over, are whatever they think is right within their own eyes.

Evil is worldwide, in the United States fifty million American women have killed their own babies through abortions.

For years they have been selling dead human baby whole bodies, and their individual body parts.

Thinking they are honoring their beliefs of a god, many so-called Christians in United States, India, and all parts of the world, believe that it’s alright to honor all forms of nature, to animals. To be a good PERSON, and by doing these aforementioned you are a politically correct Christian in their opinions and are “The Group, the Elect, The Saved.”

Tolerating, all forms of sexual perversion, to accept the good of all things as pleasing to their gods, their gods who are in fact demons.

A huge mega churches in Texas, U.S. will spue out every sort of man-created theologies. The popular one today, 2015 is the statement that “I won’t judge you only God can know the truth about a persons life.”

This is the devil’s lie.
If this, and others, are your beliefs, then you are deceived.

How? Because these false teachers are stating that by your good life here on earth you’ll be judged.

A total disregard for the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament statement by Jesus, that in order to go to Heaven you have to be “spiritually born again.”

These false teachers are saying, “look at my GOOD LIFE and you can see JESUS in ME!”

These false teachers have substituted their own good lives to be look upon, instead of Christ’s Atonement.

This is another False Gospel Message of how to be a Christian.

They, these false counterfeit believers in Texas, and worldwide, refuse to share the complete gospel message proclaimed by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

“They don’t want to judge anyone.” They’re not going to tell them that by rejecting Christ’s Salvation message their eternal reward is “Hell!” Instead they make up a Gospel Message that is right within their own eyes.
They believe they all will stand before God, and be judged own their own individual life’s actions.

As one, of the thousands a Protestant Christian Foreign Missionaries, it’s our divine job to go into all the world and to “Share, Jesus, as the ONLY Way of Salvation to God, sharing from what’s written in the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.

Bringing to one’s understanding the scriptures relating to help all humans to understand this Spiritual Substance known as God.
To share, the Father’s intends about Grace, Atonement, Salvation, Repentance.

Showing absolutely of only ONE source of Divine Truth, for all of humanity to read, listen and follow daily.

There is only one absolute teacher, the Third Person of our Blessed Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit!

ALL PEOPLE everywhere are born in SIN. ALL, ALL !

As a foreign missionary, do you think that people want to repent, turn to Jesus as their Lord? To embrace only and practice daily, the teachings from the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament? Do you think India, the U.S. and others, are ready to cast aside their created religions?

Do you think the disciple of Jesus, are welcomed in the U.S. and other world demonic religious strongholds, with demon powers in absolute control, from the politically parties down to a remote mountain village.

Are they all, worldwide ready to accept Jesus, and Him Alone?

We, me Norman Oetker, Protestant Christian Missionary/s are not in control of our destinies. We, as all truly spiritually born again Christians are a slave to the Lord, the Father, the Son, and to the Holy Spirit of God.

Today there are two facts, either your slave for the Lord, or a slave to the devil.
If you don’t accept the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament as the only truth to daily live by.

By not accepting Jesus ONLY, then you are a slave to the DEVIL, not to the God of the
Protestant Christian Bible New Testament

All humans are born in Original Sin, except the Lord Jesus, who was born of a virgin, she was conceived by the third person of our blessed Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit of God, the Third Person of our Blessed Holy Trinity, who is equal and inseparable from the Father, and Son (Jesus), all are within this Spiritual Substance known as God.

Original Sin is the First Sin, committed by the first created human Adam.
All humans, except Jesus-who was and is both God and man,- await Sin and death.

God’s Plan of Salvation is ONLY through Jesus’s, Birth, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension.

God’s requirements are quite plain and direct, enabling through God the Father’s Grace,-the Father’s Grace is His Power, Strength, Favor, and Love to all humans, ENABLING ALL people to be saved, to be converted, to become a a New Creature in Jesus, the “Christ!”

All who refuse to believe God’s Plan of Salvation for all of Humanity, are lost to eternal perdition (Hell).

Additionally, it’s clear, that for one to lead a good life, then that person has to decide what is good or bad, and to do then what they think is right and good within their own eyes.
This is a false repentance theology which is common-place world-wide.

There are deliberate attempts by supposed false Christian organizations to keep religious people from the teaching’s that one has to obey the Truths, Commands, Teachings given by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, as found in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Only. (There are NO ancient church traditions.)

Furthermore, another egregious attempt is to keep one out of actually doing what Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelist teach, command, along with their admonitions.

How? By these, the false, inexperienced, self-inflated supposed teachers of the Gospel of the Christ Jesus, substitute their own private, false demonic based theological views, as to being the true interpretation of the New Testament scriptures.

The quoted repentance statements above are something you say to your mom or dad, for disobeying them for staying out past curfew or some other type of infraction.

Even in this hypothetical, the curfew violator knows what He or She has to do, and that is to obey what mom and dad said.

The first recorded statement by Jesus was for the people to REPENT !

From the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Book of Matthew 4:17 From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”

a. Do you think Jesus meant that the people HATE what they did? Jesus meant simply, for these Jewish people to stop disobeying the Law of Moses, for them to return to the practices of the Old Testament Laws.
To believe what the Old Testament’s Prophets said of the returning Messiah. Jesus was the Messiah!

Jesus came to save ALL the people, all people are born in sin.

Jesus came to free all humanity from sin’s domination.


Through reading the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament we can now understand that within this Spiritual Substance known as God, that there are three inseparable entities working individually, and are revealed as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Father’s Grace is His Power, Strength, Love, and Favor, that condescends down to all humans, in abundant measures.

known known as God as God Roman’s 6 chapter
b. Did Jesus want the people to turn from something they were doing…. in this case SIN?
c.Did Jesus want the people to say they’re SORRY?
d.Did Jesus want the people to say “I wish I had never done those things?”

To be Spiritually Born Again one has to understand the Atonement, Seek Forgiveness, understand Repentance,

( Repentance means to stop the way one is thinking and acting. To be contrite for your actions. Repent in the Old Testament is very clear, the Jewish people and their proselytes were to obey only the Laws of Moses. Repent in the New Testament is also very clear. The New Covenant that Jesus spoke about at the Last Supper can be summed up by Jesus’s one command,

“if you love me you’ll keep my teachings and my commands!”

Jesus’ teachings and commands are found only in One Book, the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

If a follower of Jesus does not obey ONLY these commands, then he/she is not a Spiritually Born Again Christian, they are only the lost religionists.

One has to decide, to be a servant to Jesus or continue to be a servant to SIN. One has to decide to give up the right to themselves. One has to decide 100% to have Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Jesus first command was for the people to repent!

To be sorry for either words or actions that one has done is meaningless in becoming a Christian.

Repentance has to be understood correctly!

If one desires Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

One has to decide about the Atonement, Resurrection, Ascension, Repentance. At the same time one is deciding to either accept or reject Jesus as one’s personal Lord and Savior.

One has to decide, do they want to have a life turned wholly to God, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit?

Deciding if they want to stop their normal routines of life, and to turn to the obedience of Jesus’, the Apostles, and Evangelists commands and teachings found only in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament?
Jesus states clearly….
“Many are Called, but Few are Chosen!”

August 18, 2015,
Protestant Christian Missionary
Norman and Selma Oetker
Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

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