Code Talkers


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Protestant Christian Missionary Norman Oetker Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

August 20, 2015 Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

June 2014, lying on the emergency room operating table the doctor said to me that I was going to be given something for pain and that I might fall asleep or be awake.

Within ten seconds I was in a state of no pain whatsoever.

I opened my eyes and was observing them as they opened part of my neck to insert three tubes into my main neck arteries.

They asked me things as they continued their busy emergency room handiwork….I noticed and remembered later, of how the doctor and her nurse made small jokes to each other during the different procedures.

This is when I became aware of “CODE TALKING.”

Their true intents and concerns about my dire circumstances was masked for my benefit, as just another day at the office for them, downplaying death’s door that was opened during their procedures to stabilize me.


Social media’s CODE TALKERS abound. The ones that code talk the most are those with no histories to read of on their social media sites.

Code talkers use different slogans and catch phrases, that are common in the social media buzz.

Common CODE TALKERS use religion, and generalize religious terms to code talk to others.

They have no true and real faith in God, and His Christ, the Lord Jesus.

Code Talkers are in the world of the insecure, male and female.

Code Talkers lives remain hidden, and only very small portions of their lives are revealed.

Pulling the veil back and having a real and true look at a Code talker is akin to bird watching, for a watcher will not know when a different bird species will fly within their view.

Other perspectives are of sailing ships amidst the sea’s waters, and for one to catch a glimpse in the distance of another ship, knowing that it too is moving and flowing with the winds of the seas.

The Spiritually Born Christians,-not the church-going-lost religionist- are likened to the open sea’s winds, being propelled by the northerly breezes of the Holy Spirit of God.

These Holy Winds moves one’s Gospel Ship in and out of the varied and unusual ports of life.

The languages and culture are different and may seem foreign to the untrained world traveler; yet, be assured if you pause and listen attentively, for within each country, nation, or port of life, you’ll hear the familiar

Code Talkers, who are the world’s insecure.”

Insecure, do you want true security, is guilt and shame your daily robes?

Learn of Jesus, and exchange your robes of guilt and shame for those of “RIGHTOUSNESS.”


August 20, 2015, Protestant Christian Missionary Norman and Selma Oetker Saint Charles Missouri U.S. HowToBecomeAChristianToday.Com, HmongNews.Org Norman Oetker: YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin