False Teaching by Some False-Christians, Do Acts of Good, Love Everyone, God Then Will Reward You!


DSCN0398On Television and social media sites, there is always the “one-liners” quoted from the Bible. A scripture about love. Then, if you would be kind, and help others, etc., ending with a story of a person doing some sort of good deed for another.

The old tried and true method of getting your attention on Television or on social media outlets, is to parade out the disadvantaged CHILDREN. The purpose for these pictures of the children is to pull on a person’s heart strings, to arouse sympathies towards this or that cause that they represent.

About 99 percent of the time, these children’s stories and pictures are used for the purpose to get MONEY from their viewers, or readers.

While serving and living in Reynosa Mexico from 2005-2012, I’ve witnessed firsthand many, many different techniques used by individuals or groups in trying to get money in one way or another.

An example; a young American married couple in their 20’s, from a Baptist U.S. group came to a neighboring Mexican state near to where I lived in Reynosa Mexico.

Immediately these supposed missionaries began the “all too common” practice of writing their monthly SEND-ME-MONEY-SUPPORT-LETTERS…. the common methods, for dipping within another’s heart for their sorrow and compassion, is to use children as the means to financial support.

I do not know how they got my email address but they did. Soon I began to see the pictures of their living arrangements in Mexico.  They were renting a two story upper middle-class home. They decided to take in children of those who were Mexican runaways. They pictured in their email photos some of these four or five children only, that they had in the home.

The emails began coming more frequently, the needs for the CHILDREN, and the costs began… regularly also.

They took in this Mexican child who was so crippled that it was hard to even look at the pictures.

The pleas for money, the medical needs became paramount! It became the donors and supporters financial responsibility to help the less fortunate. The contributors need to save this severely handicapped child.


I emailed them and shared my concerns, and was promptly removed from their potential financial donor e-mail list. 

Today, you can see the same techniques used in FaceBook from house churches from all over the world, posing the children in order for you, your friends, or church to send some sort of financial aid.

And, if you don’t send them money, then the children are going to suffer because you won’t help.

This is a common and effective way to raise funds, sad to say.

There are billions and billions of needy people within the world.

Today’s largest solutions to the needs of the less fortunate are the “Working Americans.” The working Americans supporting the U.S.  government policies, and by individual U.S. citizens earning enough money to pay taxes in the U.S.

The tax revenues help these billions of people generally through the United States Foreign Aid Policies, that give to a multitude of countries representing billions of people.

Each country’s disaster reliefs are accomplished by the International Red Cross, as well as others from the International Community. These as others are designed to respond globally in times of need.

Why are supposed Christians doing these unethical behaviors under the pretense of helping children, when in fact the great majority of donated funds goes to their own private support and wealth?

Why do people post on Facebook and other Social Websites Bible verses of Love, Help, and Generosity towards all others?

“They stress You should love everyone! And you do your part as a good world citizen. Accepting all into their worldly, self created religions, of how they want their gods and followers to be like!”

The message is “all one has to do to be right with God, is to be a good person, to do good kind deeds to others. Let your good actions be seen by the world, and then the world will see how you are a GOOD, KIND, GENEROUS PERSON, helping in all manner of current social issues, from the “Black Lives Matter”, to “Save the Animals” or  some other current popular trending media site buzz attraction. “

This is the current internet rave of what they want their gods to be like.

Today’s internet Users, and generally the world,  with the billions of people, want all the “LIKES” and “SMILEYS” to bow down.  

CLICKING the Likes and Smileys, is a form of global veneration, yielding before their own self created gods, to sooth their current and fleeting passions.

Internet and world opinions with their: whims, fashions, trends, and beliefs last a day.

THEY ALL !doubt doubt2 Move as a wave of the sea, being tossed back and forth in every direction,

Shifting with every current, imagining, floating  whim, powered by an imaginary, magical and never certain wanna-be ideals.

Believing, hoping that if the world will only think and bow down to their ideal of god. To be like this whimsical fathom global group, accepting everyone, and all doing good things.

“Selfies and Likes” dominate social media sites, the new badges of conformity.

Expressing their likes and choices of what they want their god to be like.

All, but the Few still adhere to the truth found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Truths Spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists.

Straight and Narrow is the way of Salvation.

August  22, 2015, Jesus says today…. Matthew 10:33 KJV – 33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.,….

Protestant Christian Missionary Norman and Selma Oetker,  Saint Charles Missouri U.S.,   HowToBecomeAChristianToday.Com, NormanOetker.com, HmongNews.Org, Norman Oetker: YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin