Introduction 2016


Norman & Selma Oetker serving in Saint Charles Missouri US.

We are Protestant Christian Missionaries.


Our goals are essentially those activities that revolve around Protestant Christian Outreach which primarily is: God the Father’s Salvation message to man, for the removal of all sin resulting from Adam and Eve’s first sin, referred to as Original Sin.
Original Sin has been passed to all descendants from the first man and woman, by their disobedience to God, which brought Sin and Death to all of mankind. Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, His burial, His Resurrection, and Ascension, who now is at the right hand of God the Father- belief in Him as Savior is the only way to God.In closing, the most important thing is that in order for one to become a Christian, one has to be born again spiritually by the Holy Spirit of God.

Going to any sort of religious church to listen, and then to decide that you want to be a Christian is useless; what you have become is a member of a religious group; nothing more ,nothing less. God’s Holy Spirit leads one by His Grace, to your need of Atonement through Christ and of your need for Redemption. NOT YOU!

A Man, Pastor, Minister, Evangelist, Missionary or whoever else, cannot be a proxy for God’s Holy Spirit. God and only God , can enact within in a person, that which Jesus says all have to do in order to be His follower, a Christian Believer, and that is, “One Has To Be Born-Again By The Spirit of God!” If a so-called Christian thinks that it’s not necessary to obey only the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Teachings, Truths, and Commands written of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, then one cannot be a Christian. 

A person cannot pick and choose what New Testament commands one wants to obey, or to think it’s not relevant for today and everyday practice. Repentance means to stop the way one is thinking and acting, to be contrite for your past actions. Repent in the Old Testament is very clear; the Jewish people and their proselytes were to obey only the Laws of Moses. Repentance in the New Testament is also very clear. The New Covenant that Jesus spoke about at the Last Supper can be explained and summed up by Jesus’ one command, “if you love me you’ll keep my teachings and my commands.”  Jesus’ teachings and commands are found only in one Book, the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. If a follower of Jesus doesn’t OBEY these commands, then he/she is **NOT** a Spiritually Born Again Christian. They are only the Lost Religionists.
Protestant Christian Missionaries Norman & Selma Oetker.
Serving now in Saint Charles Missouri U.S.