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Protestant Christian Missionaries

Norman and Selma Oetker, July 2015 

Contents …… 


A. Introduction to Protestant Christian Bible by N. Oetker

B. The Protestant Christian Bible What Is It Exactly? by N. Oetker

C. Protestant Christian Bible Publication Dates

D. Part A. Grace of God What is it?

E. Global Language Lessons 

Chapter 1 Mong/Hmong Comparative Dictionary

Chapter 2 Selma’s Pulpit

Chapter 3 Summaries of Bibles

Chapter 4 What is a Christian?

Chapter 5 What is a Protestant Christian?

Chapter 6 Additional Hmong Works by N. Oetker

Chapter 7 Three-Armed People

Chapter 8 Norman and Selma’s Photo Gallery 2013, 2014

Chapter 9 The Hmong are Spiritually Lost

Chapter 10 The 12 Apostles of Jesus

Chapter 11 L.A.M. History

Chapter 12 New Generation Hmong Mong

Chapter 13 Christians are Free of Sin

Chapter 14 Commands of Jesus

Chapter 15 Additional English/Spanish

                          Works by N. Oetker

Chapter 16 Maps Religious

Chapter 17 Christmas 2013

Chapter 18 N. Oetker Family

Chapter 19 Sin and it’s Enjoyment

Chapter 20 L.A.M.’s Future?

Chapter 21 Are Ghosts Real? By Selma

Chapter 22 Birthday Mine January 2, 2015

Chapter 23 Christian Church Member

Chapter 24 Church Sign Meaning

Chapter 25 Daily Thoughts

Chapter 26 FaceBook Friends asked…

Chapter 27 Ferguson Missouri Part 1

Chapter 28 Ferguson Missouri Part 2

Chapter 29 Ferguson Missouri U.S. Right Part 2a

Chapter 30 Hmong Home R.P.A.

Chapter 31 Hmong Intentions in R.P.A.

Chapter 32 Hmong Rev. Horne

Chapter 33 Hmong Today

Chapter 34 If I Were The Devil !

Chapter 35 Infallibility

Chapter 36 Christian Messages Videos

Chapter 37 Jehovah Witness Doctrines (Nonsense)

Chapter 38 Luke

Chapter 39 Mega Church Hypocrisy,

                          Mega Iglesia Hipocresía,

                         العملاق الكنيسة النفاق,

                        Mega tsev teev ntuj ua neeg siab phem,


Chapter 40 Intentions Of The Mind

Chapter 41 Messianic Movement

Chapter 42 Mexico My Thoughts

Chapter 43 Knowing Good and Evil by Selma Oetker

Chapter 44 Mexico 2015

Chapter 45 Mission House #1 Mong Njua Hmong

Chapter 46 Mission House #2 MongNjua Hmong

Chapter 47 Mission House #3 MongNjua Hmong

Chapter 48 Mission House #4 MongNjua Hmong

Chapter 49 Mission House #5 MongNjua Hmong

Chapter 50 Music Videos 1   Music Videos 2

Chapter 51 My Daughters

Chapter 52 My Depression Norman Oetker

Chapter 53 The First Original Sin

Chapter 54 Our Home Norman and Selma Oetker

Chapter 55 Pahawh Hmong R.P.A (Romanized  Popular Alphabet)

                   Hmong Bible Script.

Chapter 56 Photos

Chapter 57 To Those Of My Past, Present, and Future

Chapter 58 R.P.A. Romanized Popular Alphabet, Hmong Bible

Chapter 59 Wanted

Chapter 60 Wanted, Selma’s thoughts on Wanted

Chapter 61 Suicide, False Supposed Christians Teaching that Jesus Atonement                       Cannot Set a Person Free of Sin

Chapter 62 Christian Church Problems Created by Supposed Church Leaders

Chapter 63 Traditions 2015, Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

Chapter 64 Hmong, U.C.L.E. United Christian Liberty Evangelical

Chapter 65 Can You find God or Jesus, the Answer is NO, NO and NO!

Chapter 66 Video Commands of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, Christian                       to Obey.


Chapter 68 A Christian only, if you Speak in Tongues? NO, NO!

Chapter 69 Can You Become a Christian? The Answer is NO!

Chapter 70 Open Letter to Mexican Cartel and Zetas

Chapter 71 Introduction Only Protestant Christian Bible

Chapter 72 Bismark Missouri, My Mother In Law’s Overseers

Chapter 73 Christian Presumptions, Social Sites, TV

Chapter 74 What is Tolerance? by Selma Oetker

Chapter 75 Descending Into Hell, Jack in the Bean Stalk,

                    Gospel of Fear a False Gospel

Chapter 76 Today’s World Crisis’s Are Caused By People Who Think They Are Christians!

Chapter 77 Can Christians Lie, Deceive, Falsify Visa Purpose Documents for Jesus?

Chapter 78 Part A. Grace of God, What is it?

Chapter 79 Part B. Grace of God, What is it?

Chapter 80 Roman Catholics, 99% of Protestants Not Spiritually Born Again!

Chapter 81 Karma, Fate, and Destiny by Selma Oetker 

Chapter 82 Messianic Jews a Christian Cult

Chapter 83 Christians who continue to sin are not Born Again Spiritually

Chapter 84 Joel Osteen a False Teacher

Chapter 85 Guitar Man, July 2015

Chapter 86 Benny Hinn’s Speaker on Prosperity Mike Murdock

Chapter 87 Christian and your God beliefs, your not a Christian

Chapter 88 “Latter Day Rain” Church Revival 2015

Chapter 89 Why People Are NOT Experiencing Christian Spiritual Rebirth

Chapter 90 Christian Wanting to Self Murder, Suicide

Chapter 91 God the Father’s Valley 

Chapter 92  Language Confusion….Why?

Chapter 93 Politically Correct U.S. Religion

Chapter 94 Your FREE from SIN!

Chapter 95 James and Lydia Oetker Music Video (my son and daughter 2015 updated)

Chapter 96 Prayer 

 Chapter 97 Repentance

Chapter 98 god love everyone BUT NO Belief In Protestant Christian Bible

Chapter 99 Code Talkers

Chapter 100 Using Children for Christian Support

Chapter 101 Long Haired Jesus ???

Chapter 102 Deception Before Your Eyes SOCIAL MEDIA

Chapter 103 Can you be a Islam, Catholic, or Protestant Christian ?

Chapter 104 My Mother and Father a Visit From Their Grave 

Chapter 105 So You Think Your Church Is Right?

Chapter 106 The Sounds of the Gospel by Selma Oetker

Chapter 107 First Mission Home “Circled in Red” 

Chapter 108 Global Language Lessons

Chapter 109 Morality in America

Chapter 110 Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Conception, Crucifix.

Chapter 111 False Christians On Social Media

Chapter 112 Muckrakers by Selma Oetker

Chapter 113 Islam, Catholics, Protestants NO DIFFERENCES

Chapter 114 Social Media, God Talk, Love, Pictures of Jesus.

Chapter 115 Two Leading False Teachers Baptist, Catholic

Chapter 116 WHY?

Chapter 117 Who Is The AntiChrist in 2015?

Chapter 118 Are You a Monkey?

Chapter 119 Do You Believe You Have Rights?

Chapter 120 Horse and Buggy Christian

Chapter 121 The Priceless Gift 

Chapter 122 Eating the Flesh and Drinking Blood

Chapter 123 Mother gods to Pray To

Chapter 124 Jesus CALLED!

Chapter 125 Denial by those Called

Chapter 126 What Are You Willing To Give Up?

Chapter 127 The Lie that Christians are Sinners

Chapter 128 Revelationist anti-bible CODE TALKERS 

Chapter 129 Devil Doctrine Why?

Chapter 130 How Much Are You Worth?

Chapter 131 May the force Be with You!

Chapter 132 Galaxy of Dateless Past Revealed!    


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