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March 19, 2014 Saint Charles Missouri.

(Regarding a story in Texas, a Mexican drug runner is caught in US. and sentenced to 20 years in US. prison, child services takes the two children into US. custody, below are my comments)

Protestant Christian Missionary
Protestant Christian Missionary

In Hidalgo, McAllen TX. for the most part, the police just chase them at a safe distance to the intl. river, they ditch the car and jump in the river and are home free, for, to do it again the next time. Now, US. tax dollars are going to support this family of three, for a very long time. As to have lived 6 years in Mexico, 2005-2012 myself, the answer is before us. The US. sent 700 million in aid a couple years back to Mexico, because of the drug and it’s associated problems. The woman in this article first broke Mexican Law and that is where she should go, to prison in Mexico. I also worked regularly in Reynosa’s Prison as part of my duties. This is a very sobering, degrading, violent place, for the ordinary Mexican citizen to be sent to. All criminals need to be sent back to country of origin, for punishment. I know that in some cases nothing happens, and they are let loose; however, the fact remains, if we want to the US. can apply pressures at the borders crossings to slow or halt the private Mexican citizens entering the US. For some it is on tour or as the business people come from especially Monterrey Mexico. The ordinary citizens of Mexico are feed up with Mexico’s corruption at all levels of government. Today 2014, there are between 7,000 to 8,000 daily Mexicans entering to US. Phar, Hidalgo, and Mission TX. legally and returning. You put enough public pressure on the local Mexican police they will incarcerate the drug offenders, as they do now. Today, 2014 at Reynosa’s prison, there are 2,000 men and about 100 women. Punishment is the only answer. Do the crime, do the time. Norman Oetker March 2014 Saint Charles Missouri.